Eco-Friendly Artterro DIY Collage Jewelry Craft Kit Giveaway

Eco-Friendly Arrtterro Collage Jewelry Craft Kit Giveaway

Hooray for Earth Day! Celebrate Earth Day with Artterro who relaunched their line of eco-friendly art kits today! Now packaged in 100% recycled cardboard, Artterro’s art kit packaging features not only bright and colorful project ideas printed using green, soy based inks, but also a sturdy outer box that can be reused for other projects like a mailbox, birdhouse or even a special treasure box while the inner tray is perfect for reusing as a frame for finished art. Further, the bead bags used for packaging are also now biodegradable. Plus customers will find even more beautiful, completely natural materials in each kit like natural beads, felt, copper wire and even soy-based foam pad.

Eco-friendly Natural Artterro Art Kits for Kids

Here’s a peek inside Artterro’s Collage Jewelry Kit that I received featuring wooden pendants, beads and a bangle bracelet that you can embellish and decoupage with a wide variety of papers and beads included within this kit. The kit also includes cotton cord, jewelry findings for necklaces and earrings, two brushes, glaze and instructions.

DIY Decoupage Jewelry and Bangle Bracelet

For this project, Hunter, from down the street came over to lend some of her creativity. Her favorite project was the bangle bracelet.

How to Make Decoupage Collage Jewelry

For this project she used a brush to “paint” on Artterro’s gloss glaze onto the wooden bangle, applying decorative tissue papers onto the glaze and then painting over them.

DIY Decoupage Collage Bracelet for Kids

She repeated this all the way around the wooden bangle bracelet until it was completely covered, then allowed it to dry.

How to Make DIY Collage Decoupage Jewelry

She applied the same method to the pendants she turned into necklaces. She also glued bead onto some of these as well.

Artterro's Eco-Friendly Kids Collage Jewelry Art Kit

DIY Decoupage Collage Jewelry Kit from Artterro

Here Hunter is decoupaging the beads for earrings.

DIY Collage Jewelry and Craft Kit Giveaway

Interested in trying Artterro’s Eco-Friendly Collage Jewelry Art Kit for you and your family? Simply enter via Rafflecopter below through May 8th, 2014. One winner will receive a DIY Collage Jewelry Kit valued at $29 suitable for ages 8 and up.

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Melt and Pour Soap Tutorial – DIY Goldfish in a Bag Soap for Kids

How to Make Goldfish Soaps in a Bag - DIY Melt and Pour Soapmaking Tutorial

These super cute handmade goldfish in a bag soaps are great as gifts for kids as well as for DIY party favors. While they look easy to make, these soaps are actually a bit tricky to perfect. I recommend buying more materials than you think you’ll need and be prepared to exercise a bit of patience. It took me more than a few tries to get these adorable fish in a bag soaps just right.

Ready for the challenge? First a few tips.

Stick with a clear suspension soap base over a traditional melt and pour soap base for less frustration and fish that stay put without having to pour the soap in layers. I tried both and the suspension soap base made this soapmaking project much much easier.

Don’t overheat your soap! If it’s too hot your bag could leak and getting that fish to stay where you want him will take longer. You also need to keep your suspension soap base below 160°F to keep it at its peak performance.

Use clear cello bags NOT candymaking bags. The plastic is very different and the candy treat bags will melt under the heat of the liquified soap base.

Make sure you have clean hands before you handle the cello bags. The tiniest bit of soap residue on your fingers means residue on the cello bag.

Allow yourself plenty of time to make these. If you try to rush it and it doesn’t work out the first few goes, the frustration of a deadline will only make this project harder and it’s probably going to raise your blood pressure. I worked on this for several days to get it just right and had to switch my soap base and my bags.

While you may be tempted, don’t spray the top of this soap once it’s in the bag to knock off any air bubbles on the top. The alcohol will leave an unsightly residue on the bag. Besides, fish like to make bubbles!

Make these one at a time. If you try to make more than one at a time – at least starting out – you’re going to get overwhelmed with the details of pouring the soap without getting drips on the sides of the bag or fish that end up upside down. Plus, you really want the lowest temps possible for the soap base so making them one at a time is ideal.

Here’s how you make them.

Goldfish in a Bag Soapmaking Tutorial

© Rebecca’s Soap Delicatessen


5.5 oz. clear melt and pour suspension soap base
.15 oz. Abalone & Sea fragrance oil

Tools and Supplies:

vinyl goldfish
2.5″ x 2″ x 6″ crystal clear cello bags
Pyrex measuring cup
microwave or double boiler
baker’s twine or ribbon
plastic transfer pipette
utensil for stirring
digital scale


This recipe yields one goldfish in a bag soap.

How to Make Melt and Pour Goldfish in a Bag Soaps

Begin by weighing out the suspension soap base. Cut it into small chunks – so it melts more quickly at a lower temperature – and heat at 50% power in the microwave until almost completely melted through. (Alternately you can use a double boiler.) Watch the soap carefully so it doesn’t overheat. If it starts to bubble, remove it immediately from the heat source to avoid overheating.

Now weigh out the fragrance oil using the plastic transfer pipette to add the fragrance directly to the soap base. The pipette will keep you from accidentally adding too much fragrance and keep the fragrance from sliding down the side of the jar. Stir well.

DIY Melt and Pour Soapmaking Tutorial - Handmade Goldfish in a Bag Soaps for Party Favors and Kids' Gifts

Allow the soap to cool slightly, until a think layer of soap starts to solidify on top of the soap. Mix the soap again then slowly pour the soap into a bag. Be careful to pour the soap directly into the center of the bag so it doesn’t hit the sides going down. You may want to stop partially through the process to readjust the bag. If you don’t have a steady hand, place the bag in a dish that will hold the bag and still keep it slightly upright.

DIY Party Favors for Kids - Goldfish in a Bag Soapmaking Tutorial

Place your goldfish in the bag and use a pipette or chop stick to press the fish in the desired position against the very front of the bag. Leave the pipette in the bag to hold the fish in place until the fish stays in place upon removing the pipette.

For a wider based bag, leave the soap to cool with the bag open, then tie closed once the soap has solidified completely. Otherwise, gently gather the top of the bag while the soap is still soft and tie off with baker’s twine or ribbon. This will move the soap up the bag and create a slightly narrower base. I did mine both ways and it’s really just personal preference.

Fun DIY Goldfish in a Bag Soaps - Great for DIY Party Favors

Mix it up. For “colored” water, add a pinch of superfine emerald green or Caribbean blue glitter when you add the fragrance. You can also substitute the fragrance oil for another of your choice, but be sure it has 0% vanilla and is clear, not yellow.

To use these soaps, simply peel off the plastic and scrub away!

For more fun homemade projects you can craft for kids, be sure to check out my Pinterest board, DIY for Wee Ones. You can also find more homemade melt and pour soap recipes and projects on my DIY Bath and Body Pinterest board. Or visit Rebecca’s Soap Delicatessen for a listing of all my DIY soap recipes. You can also follow me on Blog Lovin‘, FacebookTwitterTumblrGoogle + and Instagram!

DIY Melt and Pour Loofah Soap Recipe

DIY Homemade Melt and Pour Loofah Soap Recipe

These homemade loofah soaps are simple to craft which makes them a great weekend project you can create with the kids for homemade Mother’s Day gifts! I made mine in about a half hour and scented them with a White Tea & Ginger fragrance oil. But you can substitute the fragrance oil with whatever is your – or Mom’s – favorite.

Homemade Mother's Day Gift Idea - DIY Melt and Pour White Tea and Ginger Loofah Soap Recipe

White Tea & Ginger Loofah Soap Recipe

© Rebecca’s Soap Delicatessen


30 oz. clear detergent free glycerin melt & pour soap base
.9 oz. White Tea & Ginger Fragrance Oil
20 drops orange liquid soap colorant
Crafters Choice™ 5 inch Luffa

Silicone Soapmaking Mold and Loofah for Making DIY Melt and Pour Loofah Soaps

Tools & Equipment:

Crafters Choice™ Basic Round Silicone Soap Mold
digital scale
bread knife
Chef’s knife
large Pyrex measuring cup
utensil (for stirring)
spray bottle with alcohol


How to Make Melt and Pour Loofah Soaps

Begin by using a bread knife to cut your loofah into slices approximately 1″ thick.

Homemade Melt and Pour Soap Recipe - DIY White Tea and Ginger Loofah Soaps

Place the loofah slices into each of the six cavities of your mold.

Now cut your soap base into square chunks using a Chef’s knife. Weigh out 30 oz. of soap and place in a large Pyrex measuring cup. Melt in the microwave just until all the soap has melted. Watch your soap carefully as it will bubble up and overflow if it gets too hot.

Weigh out the fragrance oil and stir into the melted soap base. Add 20 drops of the liquid melt and pour soap colorant and mix well.

How to Make Melt and Pour Soap with Loofah Inside

Now pour the scented and colored soap base into each of the cavities of your mold. As the loofah absorbs some of the soap you’ll be able to go back and fill each cavity completely.

DIY Handmade White Tea and Ginger Loofah Soap - DIY Melt and Pour Soapmaking Tutorial

Allow the soap base to set up and harden completely, then carefully push each loofah soap out of the mold. Finally, wrap each soap in Foodservice Film then label as desired and gift!

For more homemade melt and pour soap recipes as well as handmade cold process soap recipes be sure to follow my DIY Bath & Body board on Pinterest. You can also find more great handmade gift ideas for mom that you can buy or DIY on my Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Pinterest board.