Lime Margarita Cold Process Soap Recipe

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DIY Handmade Lime Margarita Soap
© 2006 Rebecca’s Soap Delicatessen
33.2 oz. Coconut Oil
38 oz. Olive Oil
20 oz. Palm Oil
4.8 oz. Shea Butter

30 fl. oz. distilled water
13.8 oz. lye

At trace:
Stir in 4-6 oz. of Lime Margarita Scented Fragrance Oil or 2-3oz. of Lime Essential Oil

1/2 Cup Coarse Sea Salt

Follow your basic cold process soapmaking directions. Once the soap reaches a light trace, stir in the fragrance oil or essential oil, your colorant if you choose to use one, and sea salt. Then pour into your molds. For a decorative touch, sprinkle the top of the soap with coarse salt forming a nice layer, pressing the salt into the top of the soap immediately after pouring the soap into the molds. Unmold after 24 hours and cut into bars. Then allow the soap to cure for at least 3 weeks before use.

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  2. may I ask what you used for colorant?

  3. Arlene Jones says:

    Could you use palm kernel flakes with same result here. I love this recipe but am out of palm oil til next week….could wait but…why.

  4. chesca souza says:

    can i use epsom salt as substitute for the sea salt?