Craft a Spa Scrubbie for Your Bath Time Wind Down

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Baths are a popular way to wind down and relax after a long, tiring day. They seem to rejuvenate both body and soul. Make your bath extra special with a bath tea or bath oil for skin nourishing and aromatherapy benefits.
Flamingo Toes has a terrific diy tutorial for crafting a spa scrubbie to use in your bath or shower. All you need is a little cotton, an old towel, some lace and a few basic sewing skills. If you don’t have a sewing machine, there’s no need to worry. This project is small enough you can conquer it by hand. Once your scrubbie is complete, Flamingo Toes also offers up a bath and body recipe for making a Tropical Tea Soak. A little cornstarch, dry milk, oatmeal, and tea leaves and you’re all set. While the recipe doesn’t specify the type of oatmeal, I recommend using colloidal oatmeal – available at most drug stores – as it dissolves in water and offers all of the same benefits as using rolled oats. You’ll find the tutorial for this project, along with a pdf pattern, and the recipe for the bath tea here.
Of course, once you’ve gotten started making goodies for your bath, you’re not going to want to stop at just one! These recipes are perfect for stockpiling for your days off work, or for packaging and giving as gifts. Here are just a few more bath recipes you’ll find via Soap Deli News Blog.

What’s your favorite type of product to add to your bath water?

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  2. What a neat idea! I’ve never thought to make my own scrubbies, but it definitely seems to be do-able. Thank you for sharing. I’m definitely in need of a good bath soak.

  3. wow thanks for sharing the tutorial for making the bath scrubby. i’ve been looking for something to use instead of the plastic puffs as i would like to reduce how much plastic i use. i’ll be marking this to make later.

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