DIY Handmade Body Lotion Recipe with Free Printable Labels

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I recently stumbled across a rather simple handmade lotion recipe that seems to me to be perfect for beginners, so I thought I’d share it with you, my lovely and ever so crafty readers.

This handmade hand lotion recipe uses ingredients from one of my favorite organic bath and body suppliers, Mountain Rose Herbs. The recipe is easy to make and costs less than a dollar per jar making it frugal while feeling expensive. It requires only four basic ingredients – hot water (I recommend distilled), emulsifying wax, olive oil, and your favorite essential oil. However, though this recipe does not call for a preservative, because it does contain water, I HIGHLY recommend using one. (You can find out more about preservatives here.) Once you’ve made your lotions, simply pour into small canning jars and allow to cool overnight. You can then label your creations with the free label downloads from A Sonoma Garden provided at the end of the tutorial. If you’re already thinking ahead for Christmas, you may also want to download A Sonoma Garden’s free printable Christmas labels. And, for extra dry skin prone to eczema, be sure to try her Easy Winter Hand Salve Recipe.
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What’s your favorite ingredient to use when making lotions? Or what ingredients do you look for when buying handmade lotions?
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  1. Wow that looks awesome, and I bet it’s sooo good for your skin, especially with the olive oil. I’ll have to give it a try sometime!

  2. Wow, Thanks for sharing your recipe. I think its great when people share these simple know-hows especially when they are easy to make. Keep up the good work. PS, love the fact there is a label too.

  3. Jean Marie says:

    Sounds like something I need to try! I’ve made hard lotion twice, and really like that. I’m starting to get into the whole soap making thing, and this is right along with those things. I love this kind of thing!