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In the fourth grade I was required to keep a daily journal. I used to write in it several times a day. Everything from poems to short stories to just random thoughts. In high school I kept a journal of poetry I wrote for a special boyfriend and also wrote poems for one girl in particular who enjoyed passing off my poems as her own to her beau. In college I took a poetry class and I had another journal for keeping track of thoughts, ideas and obviously, more poetry. I’ve also kept a dream journal that I loved sharing with others so they could help me decipher my dreams.
During the ‘zine movement in the 90s – that fabulous era of grunge, alternative and riot grrrl – I steadfastly cut and pasted and pen and inked over thirty issues of my own ‘zine which I self published via the United States Postal Service and Kinko’s copiers. Writing a ‘zine also helped me discover the handmade movement for the first time as it was via mail order as a pre-cursor to the famous handmade marketplace online – Etsy. I bought my first hand knit ladybug hat with pipe cleaner antennae through a ‘zine order form, a check and a stamp courtesy of Marissa Falco.
While I have not written much on paper lately, it remains one of my favorite past times when life is rough or I’m filled with a little extra creative energy.  A computer lacks the intimacy, for me, of pen and paper. Perhaps it’s because my childhood years pre-dated the invention of computers, and typewriters I considered only for my final drafts. Either way, I have a special fondness for handmade journals.

So, of course, I couldn’t help but find inspiration from the handmade journal tutorial found on torta gialla blog. The aesthetics for creating a journal are endless – as demonstrated by the photo above of a journal created by Linda Tieu, owner of Torta Gialla on Etsy. Linda  creates an endless variety of handmade journals and sketchbooks using a basic bookbinding process. If you’re a fan of writing, I encourage you to visit Linda’s blog and check out her tutorial for creating journals for yourself.
I am also currently in love with the following collection of handmade journals from various etsy artists from around the world.
Do you keep a journal or have a favorite journal making artist?

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  1. Excellent post!

  2. Thanks for the feature! 🙂

  3. Great post! I also love writing in journals 🙂 There’s something so comforting in opening up the covers and putting pen to paper on a new page. I love the fact that I can doodle in them as well when I’m thinking.

  4. Such a great idea ~

  5. More paper stuff, right up my alley of happiness. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love having a journal. Such great Etsy finds too!

    Thanks for linking up for this weeks Pinteresting Party.

  7. I love having a journal. Such great Etsy finds too!

    Thanks for linking up for this weeks Pinteresting Party.

  8. Wow – honored that you like my journals and tutorials – thanks for mentioning my blog!