Homemaking Tips for Making Life Easier

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You, my lovely readers have been sharing some great homemaking tips in response to several of my blog posts, so I wanted to combine them in one location to give everyone a chance to read about them! Here are a few useful tips you may want to try yourself!

  • The best way to get blood out of fabric is hydrogen peroxide. Soak, scrub, rinse with cool water. Repeat until clean. – by Anonymous
  • If you are in the middle of painting a room and you want to take a break and resume another day wrap your roller in plastic wrap and put it in the freezer, then when you are ready to paint again just thaw out your roller and your ready to go. – by abr76
  • BEST overall cleaner in a spray bottle, mix half rubbing alcohol{any scent}half water and a drop of dish detergent. Kills germs and safe to use. A doctor’s office secret! – by Anonymous
  • Keep a small spray bottle of lemon juice in your fridge. If your little ones only eat half an apple, spray the other half with lemon juice and wrap in plastic or baggie for tomorrow. Cut a banana in half, spray the end with lemon juice and fit into a small plastic lid. I save juice lids of various sizes just for things like this. The best size for my bananas, SunnyD lids from individual juice bottles. It will fit snugly and keep out little flying critters and keep the end fresh. You can leave it out on a counter. – by KarenSluder
  • If you use a Pyrex dish to bake a chicken, pot roast, scalloped potatoes. etc., fill the dish with water, drop a dryer sheet in the dish, and rinse it out in the morning. I have found it actually works! – by Anonymous

From Home Office Organizing Tips and DIY Projects:

  • I got my windows tinted on my car as a present but the guy who did it told me I could no longer use the cup holders that hook on the window anymore. I found another use for them. I put one on my toilet tank and put the top back down on it to hold it steady and put a can of air freshener in it. – by Anonymous

From Household Tips for Organizing and Living:

  • Take your conditioner from the shower and fill half an empty spray bottle with it. Fill the rest with water and shake it up well. You have your own leave-in conditioner, detangler, whatever you want to call it. Too strong, make it a third of the conditioner and two thirds water, or one quarter conditioner to three quarters water…. whichever works for you. – by Anonymous
  • I HATE to iron. I took an empty spray bottle and put half of it with my liquid fabric softener and filled the rest with water. When my items come out of the dryer wrinkled I take one item out and keep the other stuff drying in the dryer to prevent more wrinkles. I lay it on a flat surface and spray it with the softener spray and press the wrinkles out with my hands. Spray and press as much as you need to. This works beautifully for denim! Just let it air dry once the wrinkles are out.
    This mixture also works well for spraying down to freshen fabrics in the rest of the house that do not get washed often or at all like curtains, furniture and carpets.
    Also works well for static in clothing. Or in a pinch and laundry day is not here yet, spray your not too dirty clothing to freshen it up for one more wearing. – by Anonymous

From Helpful Tips for Everyday Success:

  • Freezing meals is a good idea. I do that with chili beans and other soups. sometimes meatloaf or other pastas like lasagna. It really does save a lot of time and headache when you’re hungry. – by ij
  • I took two receiving blankets and a plain metal hanger to make an earring holder. I folded one in half and draped it on the bottom of the hanger. I put my earrings on that pushing the hook/post all the way through all of the layers (to keep it from sliding one way or the other) and when they were all on it I draped the other blanket over it to help from dust settling on them and reduce tarnishing.
    Another is a medium to large width chain, a plastic child’s clothing hanger and two curtain rings (I used the ones shaped like a pear). Take one of the rings and hook it through one end of the chain and hang it on one side of the hanger. Do the same to the other side. Now you can hang your dangle earrings on it and hang it somewhere. If you have a very dusty house like me get a plastic grocery bag and put a small hole in the center of the bottom and put the hook of the hanger through it to protect the jewelry. – by Anonymous
  • Old pillowcases are wonderful for protecting clothing in a closet or when traveling. If you have old ones with a zipper, even better. Put a small hole in the center of the closed side. If you worry about fraying put a coat of clear nail polish on the edges of the hole once it is cut and allow it to dry. Whatever clothing or whatever you have on the hanger is protected. Put your choice of items on the hanger and place the hook of the hanger through the hole of the pillowcase and gently pull the pillowcase down over the hanger. I used this when moving for my jewelry with the zipper ones and even if the jewelry came off of the hanger it did not go far because of the zipper. If you have a long enough pillowcase and a short item you are protecting, you can tie the pillowcase off at the bottom too or use a rubberband (keep in mind that rubber bands break, harden and snap fairly easily too so maybe use and old twist off of a bag of bread) – by Anonymous
  • When you buy a frozen dinner they usually come in the black plastic microwaveable dishes. They are easy to clean and reuse. I prefer the ones in sections but any will do. If you cook a meal and have leftovers these are perfect. When you eat the meal save the black container and put the leftovers of a meal you cooked in it. Most of them will fit in a resealable freezer baggie. Put the food in the dish, put the dish in a baggie and put that in the freezer. They are very handy to have around and it is your own cooking so you KNOW what is in it too. Personally, I clean the dish and the baggie and reuse them as a pair. – by Anonymous
  • If you washed baby bottles by hand you likely have a unit to drip dry the bottles and parts. These work great to drip dry resealable baggies that you have washed to reuse. – by Anonymous
  • Take a bottle of something to drink with you easily. Get a carabiner clip (these days they are cheap and easy to get) and take an O ring (I buy them individually at Menards) that is just a tiny bit smaller than the opening of the bottle. Use a sturdy and fairly large jump ring and attach the clip to the o-ring with the jump ring. Put the o-ring over the top of the water bottle until the bottle widens. Put the carabiner on a belt loop or purse strap and you should be good to go. – by Anonymous
  • I do not like lotion on my hands but I love it on the rest of me. I took a round sponge about a quarter inch thick and about an inch and a half in diameter and glued it to a bottle top which was close to the same diameter as the sponge. That makes a great applicator for face cream. – by Anonymous

And, here are a few more great tips I’ve discovered:

  • Use Bar Keeper’s Friend to clean your stainless steel sink. It’s great for taking out hard water spots. Also try it for cleaning stainless steel pots and pans and removing stains from kitchen counters. – via Pinterest
  • To clean and deodorize your microwave, fill a small container with water and a dash of vinegar. Heat on high for 5 minutes, then carefully remove the dish and wipe down your microwave with a wet cloth. – via Crafty Little Gnome 
  • Combine equal parts of water and white vinegar into a spray bottle and spritz on baseboards and kitchen floors to deter ants. Also use outdoors on your patio or picnic table right before family gatherings to keep ants away! – via Martha Stewart

Save money on groceries buying herbs and spices in bulk. (I buy mine from Mountain Rose Herbs.) You can either recycle containers to store them in, or craft a DIY Wall Mounted Magnetic Spice Rack to also save on kitchen space. Need more ideas for saving space in the kitchen? Mount a painted peg board on the wall to hang commonly used utensils, pots, and pans and use tiered shelves in your cabinets to organize canned goods in a way that makes them easy to both inventory and grab when you need them. You can also free up counter space by getting rid of that bulky knife block and instead mounting a Magnetic Knife Storage Strip above your counter to hold knives and kitchen scissors.

What are your favorite tips for organizing or cleaning your home that you find you use on a regular basis?

Blog posts may contain affiliate links for which I receive a small commission when you make a purchase. Full disclosure can be found here.

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