DIY Frugal Jewelry Organizer Solution

When I moved some time back, I sort of just shoved all of my jewelry into a box having left a wall mounted jewelry armoire cabinet behind. Since then I’d been searching for a low cost replacement. Not having much success in finding something that would hold everything I needed in as little space as possible, I created my own. Sort of.
DIY Frugal Jewelry Organizer Solution - A Simple and Easy Way to Store Your Jewelry for Under $3

After spending entirely too long in Target trying to decide how I could manipulate different products to create my own jewelry organizer for less than the cost of small jewelry box, I finally settled on the most frugal alternative and simply bought a package of screw cup hooks. These were then screwed into the backside of my closet door with a short row along the top for shorter necklaces and headbands and a second row below the first for longer necklaces. It took two days to untangle all of my necklaces, but once I did I was able to put my new “jewelry organizer” to use. What are some inventive ways you store your jewelry?

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  1. I use a window frame without glass panes in it. It holds the necklaces and most bracelets. Earrings, well I don’t have many of those.

  2. Hi Rebecca, I sent you an email about why I felt the need to ditch facebook in such a hurry and ask people not to comment me. It’s complicated. I still want to stay in touch with you though :)

  3. Looks like it’s working out well to me! I use a strip of cork from a bulletin board type thing and just hang them on thumbtacks on my wall. It’s nice to be able to display your jewelry at the same time.