DIY Printable Holiday Gift Wrap and Gift Tags

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My Christmas tree is up and all that’s left are the gifts! I’m still working on my holiday shopping, but once that’s done all that’s left is wrapping presents! My mom has traditionally waited until Christmas Eve to wrap gifts, sometimes staying up into the wee hours of the morning to finish. I, on the other hand, like to wrap everything well before the big day and use – from what I am told – an excessive amount of tape. Of course I also love different papers and ribbons and bows! If you’re looking to fill not just your tree, but also the space below it with the prettiest packages ever, then take a peek at these lovely DIY gift wrap ideas!

DIY Printable Holiday Gift Wrap and Gift Tags

1. A Collection of Round Red Printable Gift Tags from Lovely Design | 2. Wooly Woodland Printable Gift Wrap from ellinee journal | 3. Simple Printable Holiday Gift Tags from Kelly Stahley | 4. Printable Christmas Patterned Papers from Craft and Creativity | 5. Printable Doilies and Kraft Paper Wrapping Paper from daily suze | 6. Printable Pink Gift Wrap Sheets and Tags + DIY Cinnamon Salt Dough Ornaments from Domestifluff | 7. Printable Holiday Season Wrapping Paper from bloesem living | 8. Printable Winter Branches Wrapping Paper, Card and Gift Wrap from Gift Wrap It

DIY Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas and Christmas Printables - Printable Gift Wrap and Gift Tags

1. Toilet Roll Pillow Box DIY from Heart Handmade UK | Printable Christmas Wrapper Strips from the pretty blog | 3. DIY Wine Bottle Gift Wrap from Fancy Free Me | 4. Using Wrapping Paper to Make DIY Decorative Tape from Country Living | 5. Glitzy Gift Wrap Boxes Idea from A Bit East-Coast | 6. Printable Gift Tags from Hello! Lucky | 7. Printable Gift Tags from Hey Look | 8. Colorful Striped Wrapping Paper from ellinee journal

Want more gift wrap ideas? Then check out these other great ideas from Soap Deli NewsDIY Handmade Holiday Gift Guide with Gift Wrap Ideas and a Printable DIY 2013 Calendar and Gift Wrap/Gift Tags. Also be sure to check out my Pretty Packaging Board and my Printables Board on Pinterest for more fabulous printable holiday gift tags!

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful array of resources, Rebecca!♥

    (We are kindred spirits: I, too, am accused of using too much tape in my gift wrapping. Certain male members of my family actually whip out pocket knives on Christmas morning at the merest hint that someone appears to be having trouble opening up a gift that I wrapped… and they act like it’s a big joke–let’s make fun of crazy old OCD Mom! Harrumph… it’s no coincidence that *our* gifts are the best-looking ones under the tree, is it? hahaha


  2. LOL. Lots of tape keeps the package perfect for sure. 🙂