DIY Valentine’s Day Solid Lotion Bars

Want to craft your own homemade Valentine’s Day gifts? Then give these awesome DIY Valentine’s Day Solid Lotion Bar Hearts a try! They are easy to craft – individually or in multiples – and make a fabulous Valentine’s Day gift for any bath and beauty lover on your list! Their heart shape also makes them perfect for gifting as homemade wedding favors. You can also make these for tucking inside Easter baskets as a candy alternative! Just use egg shaped molds instead of hearts.

DIY Valentine’s Day Solid Lotion Bar Hearts Recipe

3 oz. hemp seed butter (or any other semi-solid butter at room temp such as shea butter)
1 oz. illipe butter (or you can sub a solid butter at room temp such as cocoa butter)
6 oz. soybean oil (or you can sub any other liquid at room temp oil like olive oil)
180 drops (or around 3ml) skin safe fragrance oils (or choice of essential oils)
2 Tablespoons Shimmer Pearl Mica Powder (Or colored mica of choice)

large glass measuring cup

This recipe makes six 3 oz. heart shaped lotion bars. If you prefer to make them one at a time, simply divide the recipe by six. Or to halve the recipe, divide by 2.
You will begin by melting the solid ingredients – the beeswax and illipe butter – in a double boiler on the stove or in the microwave. If melting in the microwave, I recommend melting at 80% power and checking often. Once the beeswax and illipe butter have melted, stir in the shea butter and hemp butter. I was able to melt these softer butters into the beeswax and cocoa butter by simply stirring for a bit – without adding any further heat.

Once the butters are all in liquid form, stir in the soybean oil, fragrance (optional) and Vitamin E. (You should use the pipettes to measure out the Vitamin E and fragrance if desired.) Now stir in two Tablespoons of skin safe mica (optional) and mix well.


Finally, pour the mixture into your mold and allow to harden completely. You can speed up this process by placing the mold in the fridge or freezer. (If you plan to do this, be sure to place the mold on a hard, transportable surface first such as a cutting board.)

Once your handmade solid lotion bars have solidified completely remove them from the mold. The silicone mold makes them super easy to pop out.

The next step is to wrap the lotion bars. You can do this with any generic plastic cling film. The best cling film to use is one that will stick to itself. Alternately, you can place the lotion bar into an air tight container of your choosing with a lid.

After wrapping the lotion bars, you can label them for gift giving. Include a special message or an ingredient list. The choice is up to you.

Finally, tie a pretty ribbon around the lotion bars for presentation. Looking for more handmade gift ideas for Valentine’s Day? You can find more diy Valentine’s Day gift ideas right here on Soap Deli News as well as on my DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Pinterest Board!

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  1. Love the way you wrapped these with the ribbon under the heart label, so cute! Anna

  2. How interesting! I have never made my own lotion bar but I love them. Maybe, I’ll have to give it a go.:)

  3. Very nice!

  4. We included this in our latest round up because this is awesome. Thanks for sharing this!