Homemade Makeup Remover DIY

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I’m always on the prowl for fabulous new bath and beauty products. One of my favorite things to try – aside of all the lovely handmade soaps from fellow soapmakers like myself – is makeup! I’m especially addicted to waterproof mascara and long wearing eyeliner and shadows. This, of course, means I need a makeup remover to get back to a fresh face.
Natural Homemade Makeup Remover DIY via Sunnie Brook Beauty Blog
Makeup removers, however, can be rather expensive. I’m still in awe of how much cosmetic prices have increased since I first started wearing makeup at 13 in the height of hair band fame and blue eyeshadow. So I was pretty excited to learn that I could make my own makeup remover with just two ingredients – ones I generally have on hand all of the time. Just visit the Sunnie Brook Beauty Blog to find out how to make your own diy makeup remover (pictured) using extra virgin olive oil and aloe vera juice. I’m interested in seeing how this would work with jojoba oil as well.

Don’t forget to try you hand at making my homemade cream eyeshadow as well! It’s  free of any scary chemicals or preservatives and be customized to create your favorite shades one jar at a time! And for lips, try my extra luxurious, moisture rich vegan lip gloss recipe.

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  1. I love DIY beauty products. Thank you for sharing!