Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Idea – Natural Liquid Foaming Bath Soap Recipe

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Homemade Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Handmade Foaming Liquid Soap Recipe - Natural Bath and Beauty DIYCraft these easy to make, homemade liquid foaming soaps via Paula Deen as homemade Mother’s Day gifts this year! They’re not only super quick and easy to create – even the kids can get involved in this one – but mom’s skin will love this natural bath soap! All you need is some sweet almond oil, local honey from your farmer’s market, liquid soap, and some vanilla extract for fragrance. (Although, I’d substitute the vanilla extract with a teaspoon of mom’s favorite essential oil.) Mix all of your ingredients together following the recipe at Paula Deen, then pour into the soap containers of your choice.

It’s easy to dress up your finished Mother’s Day gift with a strip of washi tape and a piece of ribbon, cord, or twine! Or print out my blank, homemade Mother’s Day gift labels¬†onto sticker paper.

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  1. I love this recipe! I was just thinking that I needed something new to make for my mom. I did bath salts from my recipe last year and handmade paper flowers the year before. Thanks for the idea and links!

  2. Great gift idea! Thank you for sharing. =0)