DIY No Sew Lavender Dryer Sachet

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Easy DIY Natural Lavender Dryer Sachets - Adds a Fresh Natural Fragrance to LaundryWant to give your laundry a fresh natural lavender fragrance the easy and natural way? Then craft a simple, new sew DIY Lavender Sachet for your dryer! It’s so easy to make. Simply fill a 4″ x 6″ cotton muslin bag with lavender flowers, add a few drops of lavender essential oil, then tightly knot the bag closed.

To use, simply toss the bag into the dryer with each load of laundry. Linens and clothing will come out of the dryer with a light, lavender scent. If the fragrance diminishes over time, simply add more essential oil to the bag. You can do this by applying the oil to the outside of the bag so you don’t have to struggle to open the knotted bag.

Don’t like lavender? Try other natural flowers and essential oil blends. Or try lavender flowers with natural citronella or lemongrass essential oil in the summer to help deter biting insects while you’re enjoying the great outdoors!

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