Natural Essential Oil Body Spray Recipe

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How to Make a Natural Body Spray with Pure Essential Oils - DIY 2oz. Body Spray RecipeIt’s always a treat when I discover a truly inspirational and educational blog. It’s like discovering a precious gem among the millions of blogs on the internet. One particular treasure I discovered recently is Dandelion Revolution. Written by the talented Celia Linnemann, this blog gives in depth information on herbal medicine. Additionally she also shares her natural recipe for creating a Simple DIY Essential Oil Body Spray (pictured above.) If you’re like me, you probably already have the materials you need for this project at home – vodka, witch hazel, aloe vera gel, glycerin, distilled water and your favorite essential oils. Simply combine the ingredients to her specifications in a spray bottle and enjoy.

In addition to her blog, Celia also has an etsy shop, Kyra Botanica, in which she sells a variety of herbal teas, body oils, elixirs and tinctures, lip balms, salves and of course, body sprays.

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