How to Make Homemade Massage Candles

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How to Make Homemade Massage Candles - DIY Festive Holiday Gift Idea - Frosted Cranberry Massage Candle DIY with Printable Labels

Since around 2006 massage candles, also known as lotion candles, have risen in popularity. These nifty 2-in-1 candles not only make your home smell great, but the melted, liquified wax can also be used to massage onto skin to moisturize and add a lovely fragrance to your skin.

Most massage candles I’ve come across are simply make from natural soy wax, which has a low melt point of about 102 degrees F, and fragrance. However, when I was at Floyd Fest over the summer, there was a vendor there selling massage candles made wth not only soy wax, but also with shea butter and essential oils. As prospective customers would approach her booth, she would offer them a “hand job” and massage the melted wax from these candles onto each recipients’ hand. She would then give each customer a sticker that stated, “I got a hand job from” her company name.

How to Make Homemade Massage Candles for Handmade Gifts or DIY Wedding Favors

I really loved the addition of the shea butter, so I decided to try my own. These are super simple to make – definitely easier than making homemade soap from scratch – and you can scent with them your choice of essential oils or with a fragrance oil like I did for mine. I’ve created this massage candle recipe to make one single 4 oz. candle at a time, but you can make multiples at once by simply doubling the recipe as needed. I also chose to use wooden wicks for these candles as not only do I love the burn of a wood wick, but they are a lot easier to work with for beginners.

I LOVE these for handmade Christmas gift ideas, stocking stuffers, housewarming gifts or even DIY winter wedding favors! You’ll really be surprised by how amazingly easy these are to craft. Plus, I’ve included printable labels to make packaging your candles a snap! Dress them up further with your favorite patterned washi tape.

DIY Handmade Frosted Cranberry Massage Candles with Printable Labels - Lovely Homemade Christmas Gift Idea

DIY Frosted Cranberry Massage Candles

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65 grams soy wax
10 grams refined shea butter
7 grams Frosted Cranberry fragrance oil


Small soft wooden wicks
4 oz. deep round tin with lid
blank white sticker label sheets


digital kitchen scale
metal utensil for stirring
glass pyrex measuring cup
plastic transfer pipette
permanent color markers
pot holder or kitchen towel


This recipe yields one 4 oz. candle. However, with the minimum purchase of materials you purchase – 1 lb. soy wax, 2 oz. fragrance oil, 12 oz. shea butter, 10 wooden wicks, and 10 metal tins – you can make about seven candles. If you prefer to use essential oil rather than a fragrance oil, use half the amount of a skin safe essential oil.

Start by placing the wooden wick inside the metal tin then use scissors to cut the wick so it’s just a hair shorter than the tin. Place the wick inside the metal base and set inside the middle of the metal tin.

Now, using a digital kitchen scale, weigh out the soy wax and shea butter inside the glass pyrex measuring cup. Heat in the microwave until the wax and shea butter have melted, approximately 2 minutes. Carefully remove from the microwave using a pot holder or kitchen towel as the measuring cup will be hot.

Place the container of wax and shea butter onto the digital kitchen scale and press tare. Using a plastic transfer pipette to slowly add the fragrance oil to the wax base, weigh out 7 grams of fragrance oil. Then stir with a metal utensil. I generally use a butter knife.

Now slowly pour all of the scented wax into the metal tin. If your wick shifts, don’t worry. You can easily reposition it after you’ve poured the wax.

Finally, allow the wax to cool completely then label, use or gift! The safety and caution label should go on the bottom of each candle. If desired, you can color in the labels with markers to give your candles a handmade touch or to express your own creativity. Be sure to trim your wick to 1/4″ high before every use and blow out the candle before dipping your fingers into the wax to avoid accidental burns from the flame. {Download the Printable Frosted Cranberry Massage Candle Labels and Candle Safety Labels here.}

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    this is soo good

  2. Richard Fretz says:

    Hello I just read your story and wanted to know if I wanted to make a soy wax candle without the shea butter how much wax should I use? Does it measure same as the shea butter or different do you know?

  3. Monique R says:

    Is it vital to use the wooden wicks? I Have some wicks for pillar candles (HTP). Please let me know! Thank you in advance!

  4. Monique R says:

    Okay… thanks for the information!

  5. Dawn Tryingcake Becker says:

    I don’t like fragrances of any kind due to allergies. What do I need to know to make up for the lost weight of the fragrance? Thanks!!

  6. Is there a substitute for the soy wax or can I simply increase the amount of shea butter?

    • Soy wax is used because it has such a low melt point and won’t burn your skin like waxes that must reach higher temps to melt. I’m not aware that you can make a candle with simply shea butter. You can ask a candle supply maker if there are other waxes that have the same melt temp as soy wax – perhaps something like rice bran wax? – but I’ve not heard of a substitution.

  7. Rebecca,

    Would unrefined shea butter work just as well or will that create issues within the chemical aspect of it?

  8. Rebecca S. Lengfellner says:

    Can I substitute coconut oil for the Shea butter? Looks like a great candle recipe!!! Relatively cheap too!!