Homemade Soap Recipe for Men with Printable Gift Labels

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A fantastic & ferocious cold process homemade soap recipe for men with free printable gift labels with illustrations designed by Anna Dance of Hello Pants!

Coming up with unique homemade Christmas gift ideas can be a challenge – especially when you’re searching for gift ideas for men. So I thought I’d lend a helping hand. For this DIY project I collaborated with Anna Dance of Hello Pants. Anna is graphic artist and illustrator from Australia who creates fun and whimsical watercolor illustrations and digital drawings.

Printable Deer Holiday and Christmas Gift Tags and Labels

I created a homemade soap recipe for men and she created a drawing for the labels. There are several variations of printable labels that can be used for both your handmade soaps for men this holiday season as well as gift tags for everyone on your list. If you’d like to keep up Anna’s with work, I encourage you to follow her on Facebook and Pinterest. You’ll also find her on Etsy.

DIY Homemade Gift Idea for Men - Handmade Ferocious & Fantastic Soap Recipe with Printable Holiday Deer Labels and Gift Tags

Men’s Ferocious & Fantastic Homemade Soap Recipe

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10.8 oz. pomace olive oil
7.2 oz. 76 degree F melt point refined coconut oil
1.8 oz. sweet almond oil
5.4 oz. sunflower oil
3.6 oz. sustainable palm oil
1.8 oz. shea butter
1.8 oz. cocoa butter
3.6 oz. castor oil

12 fl. oz. distilled water
4.8 oz. lye/sodium hydroxide

2 oz. Ferocious Beast fragrance oil
1 oz. kaolin (white cosmetic) clay
1 Tablespoon rosehips powder
1 Tablespoon powdered loofah
pinch Chromium Oxide Green Pigment Powder
pinch Copper Mica


This recipe will fit one of my diy wooden loaf soap molds. Alternately you can use a silicone loaf mold or two 6-Cavity Silicone Mini Loaf Pans. If using a wooden mold, begin by lining your mold, then follow your basic cold process soapmaking instructions.

Start by measuring out the distilled water into a pitcher or a four cup or larger glass Pyrex measuring cup. Then, using a digital kitchen scale, weigh out the lye and pour into the water. Stir into the lye dissolves and set aside in a safe location to cool. Now weigh out the soapmaking oils and butters and place in a large non-aluminum pot. Heat over medium heat on the stove until fully melted, then remove from heat and allow to cool.

While your lye-water and soapmaking oils are cooling you can prepare the other ingredients in separate containers and set aside. If you can’t find loofah powder, you can run a dried loofah through a food processor to make your own.

Once the lye-water and oils have cooled to about 100 degrees F you are ready to make soap. Start by adding the kaolin clay and powdered loofah to the soapmaking oils. Then mix with a stick/immersion hand blender until the ingredients are fully incorporated. Now, slowly pour the lye-water into the soapmaking oils and mix until you reach a light trace. Add the fragrance oil and stir again until you reach a medium trace then pour a third of the soap into your prepared mold. Evenly dust this layer of soap with the powdered rose hips.

Now pour about 1/3 of the remaining soap into a measuring cup and set aside. With the soap left in the pot add a pinch of the green pigment and mix well with the stick blender until it’s thoroughly incorporated. Then pour this soap into your soap mold on top of the first layer of soap with the rosehips powder on top.

With the remaining soap you set aside, add a pinch of earthen mist mica and mix well with the stick blender then pour on top of the first two layers of soap. Level the soap as much as possible so the final size of your bars will be consistent. I generally level out the top of my soap using a butter knife. I run a butter knife back and forth along the width of the mold to evenly distribute the soap, then run it back and forth along the length. However, you can use whatever method works best for you. Now cover the soap and insulate for at least twenty-four hours.

Homemade Cold Process Soap Recipe for Men - DIY Ferocious & Fantastic Men's Soap with Printable Labels

Once the soap has completed the saponification process, you can unmold the soap and cut it into bars. {Learn how to make a soap cutting guide here.} Allow soaps to cure for 3-6 weeks, then wrap and label. I use professional plastic food wrap film to wrap my homemade soaps as it works GREAT and is MUCH cheaper than buying small containers of cling wrap. For my labels, I used full size white label sticker sheets from WorldLabel.

Printable Winter Deer Gift Labels and Tags Plus a Homemade Soap Recipe for Men

There are several fantastic versions of labels to choose from. You can download a printable version of this soap recipe and Rebecca’s version of the printable soap labels and gift tags here. You can also download Anna’s version of super cute printable woodland deer soap labels here.  Anna’s version also includes a version of soap labels for women with a sweet doe in a winter scarf and hat carrying a basket of flowers! (All labels are for personal use only.) To print your labels, simply choose your favorite label or gift tag design and print only that page onto a sticker label sheet.

Looking for more printable holiday gift tags? Download and print my Printable Kawaii Inspired Holiday Gift Tags and Cute Holiday Printable Gift Tags. Or browse my Printables board on Pinterest.

Blog posts may contain affiliate links for which I receive a small commission when you make a purchase. Full disclosure can be found here.

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  1. I just wanted to say Thank You so much for sharing this recipe and even providing a link to download the recipe and label template. That is so wonderful of you to share it!

  2. This is what I enjoy the most about the soap scene, its when people share and I get to read other great soaper blogs and recipes! I’m a serious soap addict and I just love soaps.