DIY Natural Homemade Cold Sore Therapy Lip Balm Recipe

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Handmade DIY Natural Cold Sore Therapy Lip Balm Recipe

Get rid of cold sores fast with this natural homemade cold sore therapy lip balm recipe. Made with naturally anti-viral neem oil and tea tree oil, this lip balm helps to prevent cold sores if applied at the first sign of a tingle or zaps them practically overnight when applied to affected area several times a day.

Natural Cold Sore Therapy Lip Balm Recipe

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7 grams cocoa butter
4 grams shea butter
7 grams beeswax
2 grams argan oil
1 ml neem oil
10 drops tea tree oil
5 drops peppermint essential oil
5 drops lavender essential oil
3 drops vitamin E oil (optional)
3 drops rosemary extract (optional)


Using a digital kitchen scale, weigh out the beeswax, cocoa butter and shea butter. Melt in either a double boiler or in a glass Pyrex measuring cup in the microwave. Then weigh out and stir in the argan oil.

Next, using a graduated plastic transfer pipette, measure out the neem oil and stir into the melted oil, butters and wax. Now add the tea tree, lavender and peppermint essential oils as well as the vitamin E and rosemary extract using a transfer pipette to measure out drops.

Stir all the ingredients well then pour into lip balm pots or tins. This recipe yields about 1 oz. of lip balm and will fill three 10 gram or 1/3 oz. lip balm pots.

To use, simply apply to affected area several times per day until affected area clears up completely.

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