Aromatherapy Roll On Recipe for Rest & Relaxation (Plus How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep)

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Learn how to make your own aromatherapy roll on recipe for rest and relaxation! Plus other natural alternatives to help you get a restful night’s sleep.

DIY Aromatherapy Roll On For Rest and Relaxation! Learn how to make your own DIY aromatherapy roll on for rest and relaxation! Plus other useful natural alternatives that will help you get a good night's sleep. Find the recipe for this natural home remedy now at Soap Deli News blog and start down a new road of a life filled with restful sleep. It's also great when used in conjunction with yoga & meditation! #sleepaid #health #wellness #aromatherapy #sleep #holistic #essentialoils #homeremedy

Prescription Sleep Aids Can Be Scary

Whether it’s through pure exhaustion coupled with stress, insomnia or changing hormones, a question I often hear is “How do I get a good night’s sleep?” Automatically turning to big pharma for the answer can be quite terrifying these days. From drugs like Ambien that have side effects that include sleepwalking and even sleep-sex and other drugs such as trazodone, an anti-depressant often prescribed to help with sleep, has side effects that range from constipation to feeling like you threw one too many back the night before.

And of course none of these drugs actually help to root out just why we are having difficulty getting a good night’s rest. They simply offer a temporary solution that continue the cycle and can cause additional problems.

It’s no wonder that, as we become more aware of our health concerns and the potential dangers of slapping on a band-aid, that more and more people are seeking out natural solutions for their sleep issues. From smoking marijuana in addition to other natural supplements, as well as exercise, yoga and even meditation, there are natural sleep remedies that offer the benefit of better sleep without compromising your health.

It was only a year ago, when I was still working my day job prior to taking the leap into writing full time, that I actually ended up with TMJ from grinding my teeth so hard at night. So while I was sleeping, I wasn’t getting quality sleep and a big part of that was related to a high stress period in my life.

So I wasn’t at all surprised when last week, while having a conversation after my mammogram and checking out the difference between last year’s scans and this year’s with the new 3-D imaging, that our conversation naturally fell onto the topic of sleep during perimenopause and menopause.

I had been discussing my fibromyalgia with the mammography technologist and the improvements I’d made through holistic medicine. And it came around to how I handled not only sleeping through the night, but how I actually got a good night’s rest when my pain level would spike. In turn, she indicated that she also had trouble sleeping through the night since menopause hit and it led to an entire conversation on restful sleep. Or rather in our case, restless sleep.

She had been taking Benadryl at night in order to sleep. An option that’s considered safe for those not wanting to take something stronger and potentially scarier medications, some that come with the risk of addiction.

However, she was at the point that she was genuinely uncomfortable taking Benadryl every night. So we discussed the herbs and vitamin supplements I was taking and she was excited to look into more natural options.

What If I Don’t Want to Take Supplements?

If you prefer to avoid supplements altogether, then it is first important to consider whether your body is deficient in any vitamins and minerals that can affect your sleep. You’ll also need to root out the cause and determine if it can be tackled without herbs or supplements. (A holistic counselor can be extremely beneficial in this case.)

If it can, then exercise, yoga and meditation are great options. You can also use aromatherapy for an extra little push. However, if you find you do need something more to get you through a particularly stressful period, I do share some of the herbal supplements I’ve tried with success further down.

Learn How to Make an Aromatherapy Roll On

However, I’d first like to share a simple aromatherapy roll on recipe that can help to promote rest and relaxation. Because an aromatherapy roll on isn’t a product that is taken internally, you can easily combo this aromatherapeutic sleep remedy with other natural remedies that work for you.

DIY Aromatherapy Roll On For Rest and Relaxation! Learn how to make your own DIY aromatherapy roll on for rest and relaxation! Plus other useful natural alternatives that will help you get a good night's sleep. Find the recipe for this natural home remedy now at Soap Deli News blog and start down a new road of a life filled with restful sleep. It's also great when used in conjunction with yoga & meditation! #sleepaid #health #wellness #aromatherapy #sleep #holistic #essentialoils #homeremedy

Aromatherapy Roll On Recipe for Rest & Relaxation

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1.5 mL lavender essential oil
1 mL mandarin essential oil
1.5 mL bergamot essential oil
.5 mL ylang ylang essential oil
20 mL clear jojoba oil


To make your aromatherapy roll on recipe for rest and relaxation, begin by measuring out 20 mL of clear jojoba oil in a small glass scientific beaker.

Next, measure out the essential oils using a fresh graduated transfer pipette for each essential oil. Combine with the jojoba oil and mix.

Now use another graduated transfer pipette to fill a glass roll on bottle(s.) I used 10 mL glass roll on bottles with metal balls and silver polypro caps. (You can find these bottles along with a great collection of other glass roll on bottles in various sizes at SKS Bottle & Packaging.)

To use, apply your aromatherapy roll on to the crown of your head, on your temples, between your eyebrows or behind your earlobes. Other essential oils that help to promote sleep include Roman chamomile and marjoram essential oils.

Herbal Alternatives for a Restful Sleep

Natural herbal and vitamin supplements that I recommend include Gaia Herbs SleepThru Liquid Phyto-Capsules, Gaia Herbs Valerian Root, and for stress, Primal Calm Stress Relief Formula by Primal Blueprint.

If you also suffer from chronic pain that affects your sleep, you may find that herb blends that strengthen healthy inflammatory responses such as Gaia Herbs Mushrooms & Herbs Reishi and Turmeric Supplements and Gaia Herbs Turmeric Supreme Pain P.M. especially beneficial.

As quality organic herbs and supplements can be difficult to purchase regularly on a tight budget, I shop through Thrive Market for the best prices on not only my herbal supplements but also on organic dry food staples, homeopathic medicines and even skin care products. (When you sign up for Thrive Market you also get 25% off your first order with free shipping on all orders $49 or more.)

If you enjoyed this article and my aromatherapy roll on recipe for sleep and relaxation, then you may enjoy some of my other recipes for making natural lavender bergamot deodorant (with magnesium,) lavender body butter (with neem oil) and a turmeric ginger ACV tonic.

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