DIY Soy Candlemaking Kit for Teens & Tweens

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How to Make a DIY Soy Candle Making Kit to Gift to Teens and Tweens - Includes Printable Labels and Instruction Sheet

Still trying to find a homemade Christmas gift idea for those tough to shop for teens and tweens? If you have a young DIY-er in the family she’ll love this simple to assemble – and craft! – DIY Soy Candlemaking Kit! Keep reading to learn how to assemble your own.

How to Make a DIY Soy Candlemaking Kit

DIY Soy Candlemaking Kit

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What you’ll need:

10 oz. of natural soy wax
1 oz. candle fragrance oil
two 8 oz. deep round tins with lids
2 large wooden wicks with bases
candy thermometer
printable candle safety & blank labels {download pdf file}
printable diy soy candle instruction sheet {download pdf file}
full size blank white sticker sheet(s)
three 5″ x 7″ clear poly zipper bags or equivalent
box to put it all in

What you do:

Using a digital kitchen scale weigh out 10 oz. of natural soy wax. Split the wax in half and put 5 oz. in one zipper bag and 5 oz. in another. If you like you can draw labels for the bags of wax onto blank sticker paper and adhere to each bag.

Next, if desired label the candle fragrance oil with a hand drawn label as well. I used a Jammin’ Rock Candy fragrance oil for my kit. It’s a really great scent for kids and I specifically chose this one for my niece. However, you can use any age appropriate fragrance – Snickerdoodle Latte maybe? – or your recipients favorite scent. I’m personally in love with Moonlight Pomegranate.

Print out the sticker candle safety labels and blank round labels for decorating the lid of the tin onto a full page sticker sheet.

Now print out the diy soy candlemaking kit instruction sheet onto a regular piece of paper.

Cut the sticker labels down to fit inside a third zipper poly bag. Place the stickers in the bag along with the two wooden wicks and bases.

Finished DIY Soy Candle Making Kit for Kids

DIY Soy Candlemaking Kit for Kids You Can Make Yourself

Now place the bags of wax, the two tins, the fragrance oil, the sticker labels and wicks, a candy thermometer and the instruction sheet into a small box.

How to Make a DIY Craft Kit for Kids - Easy Soy Candlemaking Kit

The finished kit will create two eight ounce candle tins.

Wrap and gift.

For more creative diy homemade gift ideas and projects, be sure to follow my boards on Pinterest!

Artterro DIY Craft Kit Giveaway

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Artterro DIY Creativity Craft Kit for Kids

Have kids that love to craft? Encourage their creativity while also being eco-conscious with Artterro’s line of eco craft kits. Arterro sells a wide range of award winning craft kits that are perfect for kids and families. Not only do their craft kits encourage creativity, but they are also dedicated to sustainability and community, and are made in the USA. From DIY art dolls to wool felt bugs, Artterro offers craft kits for everyone and makes a thoughtful gift idea for holidays and birthdays!

DIY Art Journal Kits from Artterro

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Artterro DIY Craft Kit Giveaway

USA residents can also enter to win a Creativity Kit and an Art Journal Kit (pictured above) from Artterro through November 30th, 2013! Enter now (via Rafflecopter below) and gift a little creativity this holiday season. Also be sure to swing by Artterro’s blog, Spark, for creative handmade inspiration!

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DIY Cranberry Lip Scrub and Body Butter Recipe

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DIY Beauty - How to Make Homemade Lip Scrub and Body Butter using anti-oxidant rich cranberry butter plus a DIY Kit Giveway

If you’ve been dying to make your own homemade lip balms for a while, but haven’t yet taken the plunge, now’s your chance! Wholesale Supplies Plus, one of my favorite bath and beauty suppliers for many years, has a wonderfully easy Cranberry Lip Scrub and Body Butter Craft Kit! It comes with everything you need to make ten fabulous homemade cranberry lip scrubs and five jars of cranberry body butter. I was lucky enough to get to try out this simple to execute kit for myself and found the steps to be easy to follow even for novice crafters. And for right around $37 (includes shipping) this kit is an affordable way to enjoy an afternoon craft night with your family, make favors for an upcoming event or even craft your own products to sell.

I was especially excited to try Wholesale Supplies Plus’ cranberry body butter that comes with this kit as to contains not only a blend of some of my favorite ingredients – shea butter and jojoba oil, but it also contains Cranberry Fruit which is packed with anti-oxidants. However, as the cranberry body butter – and the resulting products this kit creates – are unscented, I added a few extras to make it a little more fun. You can feel free to customize your lip scrubs and butters with your favorite scents and flavors or leave the rich and luxurious cranberry butter fragrance free to accommodate those who may have allergies.

To make your own cranberry lip scrubs and body butters, follow the instructions below or visit Wholesale Supplies Plus’ Lotion and Skin Care Library for the original version of the recipe.

DIY Pistachio Macaron Body Butter Recipe and Flavored Lip Scrub

DIY Flavored Lip Scrub and Scented Body Butter Recipe


1 lb. Crafter’s Choice™ Cranberry Butter Blend
1.5 oz. white cane sugar
4 ml flavor oil of choice (optional)
.3 oz. fragrance oil of choice (optional)

(Or buy the kit here.)


You’ll need a digital kitchen scale for this project, a microwave, ten oval lip balm tubes, 5-6 3 oz. low profile jars with lids, a few plastic droppers, spoons for mixing and a beaker or glass pyrex measuring cup.

How to Make a Natural Cranberry Lip Scrub - Simple Beauty DIY

I really love the little beaker that comes with this kit as it makes pouring lip balms super easy and mess free. To get started, weigh out 1.25 oz. of the cranberry body butter into the beaker, then melt in the microwave. It took about 50 seconds for my batch to melt. Once it melts, measure out three Tablespoons (approximately 1.5 oz.) of white cane sugar and stir into the melted butter. If you want to use a flavor oil for your lip scrub like I did, use a plastic pipette or dropper to measure out up to 4 ml of flavor oil and stir into the mixture. I used 2 ml of a chocolate flavor oil and 2 ml of a strawberry flavor oil to make a chocolate strawberry lip scrub! Alternately if you prefer a lip balm rather than a scrub, simply omit the sugar.

This plastic beaker makes pouring lip balms a snap!

Allow the mixture to set for several minutes and thicken slightly then stir again to distribute the sugar evenly through the melted butter. Then slowly pour the mixture into each of your lip balm tubes. To prevent air bubbles, lightly tap each lip balm tube lightly halfway through then fill each tube with the remaining mixture.

Homemade Lip Balm Recipe - DIY Chocolate Strawberry Lip Scrub

Once your lip balms have completely cooled, simply cap and label. For gifts I thought these looked super cute decorated with washi tape and little labels that I made in Open Office. (Download a variety of printable labels for this project here.) To use, gently rub the scrub over lips to help remove dead skin cells, then rinse with warm water and follow with your favorite lip balm. (If you added a flavor oil try not to eat it!)

DIY Homemade Cranberry Body Butter Recipe

To make your body butters place the remaining cranberry butter into a large glass pyrex measuring cup or bowl and melt in the microwave until almost fully melted. Remove, then stir to complete the process. (This will help to prevent the cranberry fruit from settling to the bottom.) I wanted to scent my body butter, so I also stirred in .3 oz. (by weight) of Pistachio Macaron Fragrance Oil.

Handmade Bath And Beauty Projects and Recipes - Homemade Strawberry Chocolate Lip Scrub and Pistachio Macaron Body Butter

Once you’ve mixed in your fragrance, if desired, pour into your low profile jars. (The kit recommended filling five jars evenly with product, however, I found I had enough to actually fill six.) Allow to cool, then screw on the lid and label. Again, washi tape is a simple and easy choice for decorating your jars! (Download printable labels for this project here.)

Hand Carved Stamp DIY Inspiration

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DIY Hand Carved Stamps - How to Make Handmade Stamps

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making my own hand carved stamps for some time. But it seems like every time I would end up at the craft store, they never had what I was looking for. After running across vitamini handmade’s DIY Hand Carved Stamp Tutorial, however, my excitement to actually try this project was revived. I found her own hand carved stamps, pictured above, very inspirational. Her etsy shop with all of the mini cooper gifts got me doubly inspired to create something new and fun with my own handmade shop. So not only did I buy the tools to get me started on making my own stamps – Speedball now sells a Speedy Carve Stamp Making Kit with everything you need to get started – but I also bought some new packaging materials for my own handmade soaps to use my stamps on. Think Glassine Wax Paper Bags, StazOn Multi-Surface Inkpad – which adheres to non-porous surfaces like glass, metal, shrink plastic, cellophane, aluminum foil, leather and acrylic – handmade labels and lots of Baker’s Twine.

It’d been so long since I’d bought an actual, physical book, that I also purchased Making an Impression: Designing & Creating Artful Stamps for more inspiration and coffee table eye candy. Once I churn out a successful stamp or two, I’ll be sure to share them here on my blog. I plan not only to use my handmade stamps on paper, but to stamp some of my soaps as well. If you recall, I used some of my hand carved wine cork stamps I made over the Christmas season to stamp my freshly unmolded cold process soaps with shimmering mica. I just loved the effect, so I’m hoping to come up with a stamp to use on my soaps as part of my branding.

Have you tried any new project lately? Feel free to share your latest diy blog post in the comments!