DIY Chalkboard Easter Egg “Baskets”

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DIY Easter Chalkboard Pots - Go from Easter basket to plant pots once the holiday is over!

Easter baskets are fun to fill, gift and receive, but when my son was little we used his basket once and then it would sit on the shelf in his closet for a year. Rather than buy something and use it once, why not upcycle your basket into something new after Easter is over?

Easy DIY Chalkboard Plant Pots

I was browsing Darby Smart when I fell in love with these super cute chalkboard plant pots (image above via Darby Smart.) Having happily purchased DIY kits from them previously for my son and niece this past Christmas I went ahead and purchased this kit without hesitation. Not only did they ship within two days, they arrived within two days of shipping and the kit was exactly as described. However, instead of making them into plant pots, I made mine into miniature Easter baskets!

Since the pots come with Cool Bistro Chalk Markers writing your message on these pots is a snap! You can then easily change the message by simply erasing the chalk marker with a wet paper towel and then write a new message. Easter and even spring gardening projects aside, these could also be used for small Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts. Here’s how you make them…

Easy DIY Chalkboard Easter "Basket" Pots

DIY Chalkboard Easter “Basket” Pots

You’ll need:

Three small terra cotta pots (3 1/2″ in diameter by 3″ height)
Broad Point Tip Fluorescent Blue Bistro Chalk Marker
Broad Point Tip Regular White Bistro Chalk Marker
Pebeo Porcelaine Black Chalkboard Paint
foam brush

What to do:

How to Make Chalkboard Planters

Using the foam brush paint your pots with chalkboard paint. Allow to dry 15-20 minutes then apply a second coat of paint.

Bake on the chalkboard paint

Once these finish drying, heat in the oven on a baking sheet at 300°F for 30 minutes, then turn the oven off and allow the pots to cool completely in the oven. This process bonds the chalkboard paint to the surface of the pots.

DIY Easter Craft Project - Easy Chalkboard Easter "Basket" Pots

Now write your message on the pots using your Bistro chalk markers and fill them with the goodies of your choice. I used the crinkle paper that my DIY Darby Smart Kit came packed in as Easter “grass” then filled them with candy, eggs and my DIY Easter “Peeps” Inspired Homemade Soap!

DIY Chalkboard Easter Eggs

I still had a bit of chalkboard paint left over that can be used for other projects. Darby Smart also has some other great Easter ideas and DIY kits right now that use chalkboard paint like the DIY Chalkboard Easter Eggs pictured above from their website.

DIY Chalkboard Coasters for Easter

And these easy to execute DIY Chalkboard Easter Inspired Coasters!

Right now I have three new Darby Smart DIY Kits I just purchased and received waiting for me to get my hands on them! I’m super excited. I’ll be making animal canisters, mini magnetic terrariums, and etched champagne flutes!

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Fun DIY Personalized Easter Egg Craft Project Idea

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DIY Funny Face Easter Egg Craft Project Idea via The Paper Mama
Have some fun with your handmade Easter eggs this year by crafting up these DIY Silly Face Easter Eggs via The Paper Mama Blog! (And don’t forget to add it to your collection on Pinterest!) For more fun – and amazing – Easter egg ideas and Easter related craft projects, be sure to follow my DIY Easter board on Pinterest.

Homemade Easter Chicks Soap Giveaway

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Pretty Pink Easter Chick Peeps Handmade Soap DIY

With spring already here and Easter right around the corner I decided to gift one lucky winner with the three Homemade Easter Chick Peeps Soaps I created for my latest DIY Easter craft project! One person will win all three of my handmade Peeps inspired soaps.

Homemade Easter Peeps Soaps - DIY Soapmaking Tutorial and Easter Basket Gift Idea

The orange chick soap is scented with lemongrass mint, the pink chick soap is scented with pink berry mimosa, and the yellow chick soap is scented with a Be Delicious Blossom type fragrance oil.

For a chance to win all three of these handmade soaps simply pin this Easter project to your DIY or Easter inspired board on Pinterest! Then tell me where to find your pin by entering via Rafflecopter below. USA residents can enter for a chance to win through April 7th, 2014. Also be sure to follow my new DIY Homemade Easter Crafts & Treats board on Pinterest for more great ideas of things you can craft for Easter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

DIY Easter Peeps Soap Tutorial

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Homemade Easter Peeps Soaps - DIY Soapmaking Tutorial and Easter Basket Gift Idea

Easter is late again this year, but that gives you plenty of time to make these darling homemade Easter inspired Peeps soaps! Even last minute these cute, pastel colored and scented Peeps soaps can be made in a very short amount of time on a free afternoon. Plus they are super easy to craft and look absolutely darling in Easter baskets! Make one Peep soap at a time or easily increase this Peeps soap recipe for the amount of Easter Peeps soaps desired.

Easter Peeps Inspired Silicone Mold

The Peeps soap mold I used was not an “official” Peeps mold. I saw a yellow silicone mold that made twelve “Peeps” on an end cap at Target last week and snatched it up. It was just under $10, unfortunately I was careless and tossed the packaging before grabbing the company name. If you have a different mold, no worries. I’ll tell you how to adjust your recipe! I did see that Michael’s sells an official Peeps mold, but it’s much smaller and includes both chicks and bunnies. Alternately, Wilton makes a bunny silicone mold.

DIY Homemade Easter Peeps Soapmaking Tutorial

DIY Easter Peeps Soap Recipe

© Rebecca’s Soap Delicatessen


2.65 oz. natural (detergent free) white melt & pour glycerin soap base
1 ml fragrance oil
2-3 drops liquid melt & pour soap colorant

For the eyes:
.25 oz. natural (detergent free) clear melt & pour glycerin soap base
1-2 drops black melt & pour soap colorant


This Easter Peeps soap recipe makes one chick shaped Peep soap so you can individually customize each Peep a different scent and color. To make multiple Peeps that are all the same color and fragrance simply multiply the recipe by the number of Peeps you want to make up to the number of cavities in your mold. (You don’t need to multiply the soap for the eyes.)

I made my Peeps soaps in different colors and fragrances for a fun mix. The orange chick is scented with lemongrass mint, the pink chick is scented with pink berry mimosa, and the yellow chicks are scented with a Be Delicious Blossom type fragrance oil.

Start by weighing out the amount of melt and pour soap base needed for the number of Peeps you are making with a digital kitchen scale, then cut into chunks and melt in the microwave. Add the fragrance oil using a graduated plastic transfer pipette to measure out the correct amount. Add 2-3 drops of colorant to suit and stir well, than pour into the mold cavity. Allow to cool and harden completely – do not freeze – then carefully turn out of the silicone mold.

Once you’ve made all of the chicks desired you can make the eyes. If you can’t find a liquid black colorant, you can mix red, blue and yellow liquid soap colorants together to make brown. Alternately, you can use a touch of activated charcoal or Australian midnight black clay to color the clear soap base.

Melt a small chunk of the clear soap base in the microwave, then add the colorant and mix well. Allow to cool slightly – but not too much or the eyes won’t stick correctly! – then using the tip of a dull pencil dip the pencil into the soap then dot onto one side of the chick. Blow to harden the soap, then repeat on the opposite side for the second eye. Repeat with all of the chicks you made.

Easy Homemade DIY Easter Peeps Soaps - Soapmaking Tutorial for an Easy Easter Basket Gift Idea

Now simply package your Peeps soaps as desired and they are ready for gifting in friends’ and family’s Easter baskets! If you are making these to sell, keep in mind that Peeps is a registered trademark and you cannot use it in your descriptions! However, if you are making these as gifts or giving them away you can call them whatever you like!

Pretty Pink Easter Chick Peeps Handmade Soap DIY

If you are using a different Peeps soap mold than I am, then here’s how to determine amounts needed for each Peep. Melt about 3 oz. of soap base in the microwave then pour into one cavity of the mold until full. Allow to harden completely then remove from the mold. Weigh the Peep on a digital scale. This is the amount of soap you need in ounces. For smaller Peeps, you’ll use one to two drops of colorant. For larger Peeps use two to three drops of colorant. For the amount of fragrance needed take the weight of the Peep and multiply it by .02 or 2%. Google “how many ml in an ounce” then plug in the amount you got by multiplying the soap base by .02 into the US oz. spot to convert to ml. This is how many ml of fragrance you can use maximum. (For my recipe you can use up to 1 1/2 ml but I chose to use less fragrance as I didn’t want my Peeps overwhelmingly scented.) For essential oils, use half the amount or  1/2 – 1% of the soap base weight.

For more homemade Easter basket gift ideas follow my DIY Homemade Easter Crafts and Treats board on Pinterest. You can also find more homemade soap recipes by visiting and following my DIY Bath and Body board.

DIY Homemade Bamboo Scented Soap Recipe for Spring

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DIY Homemade Bamboo Scented Soap Recipe for Spring - Doesn't it remind you of Easter eggs in grass or wild flowers?

While our local weather has been taunting me with spring – the high is in the 60s today – we’re expecting snow once again along with some accumulation tomorrow. However, that does not mean I won’t keep wishing for spring to hurry up already! If it’s still cold where you’re at as well, take some time to bring a bit of spring indoors with this brightly colored homemade soap recipe!

Featured in March’s issue of eHandmade Magazine, this bamboo scented soap is made from combining both cold process soap and a glycerin soap base. The pastel shapes remind me of Easter eggs or flowers among green grass and are made from melt and pour soap – a quick and easy way to add embeds to your cold process soap recipes.  It’s then scented with a fragrance oil blend of bamboo essence and green tea making a wonderful and fun all purpose soap for spring or even as homemade Easter basket gifts.

Easter Eggs Hiding in Grass - DIY Homemade Spring Soap Recipe (Scented with a bamboo fragrance oil!)

To get this recipe, you can download the PDF version of Wholesale Supplies Plus’ March 2014 eHandmade Magazine here. You’ll find this homemade soap recipe on page 23 along with lots of other spring and Easter themed bath and body product ideas. And just in case you missed it, also be sure to check out last month’s recipe for my handmade deodorizing cedarwood & baking soda soap recipe also featured in eHandmade Magazine.

Handmade Easter Gift Idea - DIY Homemade Spring Soap Recipe

For a limited time, you can buy this handmade soap while supplies last from Rebecca’s Soap Delicatessen. And for more great homemade soap recipes as well as other DIY bath, body and beauty recipes I encourage you to follow my DIY Bath and Body board on Pinterest. You can also follow my new DIY Homemade Easter Crafts & Treats Board on Pinterest for more great homemade Easter basket gift ideas and projects.