Vinegar Free All Purpose Cleaner That Works Like Magic

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Need a vinegar free all purpose cleaner that works magic on your family’s muck and mayhem? I have the absolute perfect 3-ingredient recipe!

Vinegar Free Household Cleaner! Need a vinegar free all purpose cleaner that works magic on your family's muck and mayhem? This 3-ingredient recipe not only makes wine stains disappear, but it's also non-toxic, saves you money and smells amazing! #diy #cleaning #ecofriendly #greencleaners #cleaner #cleaningtips #cleaningrecipes #lifestyle #healthylifestyles #lifestyleblog #healthyliving #nontoxic #biodegradable #naturalcleaning #naturalcleaningrecipes

If your husband is like my husband, he can’t stand the smell of cleaning vinegar. And he most definitely lets you know he HATES it. In my case the complaints were almost as bad as when men get sick. You know those complaints. They get a cold and you’d think they were dying.

While the smell of cleaning vinegar does dissipate, there’s absolutely no relief from a complaint about the smell regardless of the essential oils I use to freshen the scent. On the flip side of that, you want to use non-toxic cleaning products in your home. And in an effort to use more natural cleaning products, vinegar has always been your go to thing.

So what do you do when you A.) want save money by making your own natural cleaning products and B.) your husband threatens you with divorce if you use vinegar just one more time? The good news is, you can keep your husband. The better news is, you can make a homemade vinegar free all purpose cleaner that works like magic.

I’m talking this stuff took wine stains off my laminate countertop that were two weeks old kind of magic. Not only that, but it smells simply AMAZING. And the fragrance, just a single to-die-for essential oil, was personally approved by my husband. He actually came home and COMMENTED on how great the house smelled. I mean wow, right?

Not only does my vinegar free all purpose cleaner require the purchase of just TWO products, you’ll find that these products last a long time and have so many more uses than just cleaning countertops! Plus they’re eco-friendly!

Vinegar Free All Purpose Cleaner Recipe

© Rebecca D. Dillon


800 mL/27 oz. distilled water
20 mL/.67 oz. Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds Biodegradable Cleaner
20 mL/.67 oz. 5-fold lemon essential oil


Measuring all ingredients by volume, add the water to a 28 oz. spray bottle then follow with Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds Biodegradable Cleaner and the essential oil. Gently turn the bottle to mix.

If you don’t like strong scents you can halve the amount of essential oil used. (The usage rate of both the essential oil and Sal Suds is approximately 2.4%.) The amount called for in the recipe was enough to get a strong lemon fragrance that made the whole house smell fantastic.

If desired you can print out labels for your vinegar free all purpose cleaner here.

(For the BEST price on Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds, I purchase my Sal Suds from Thrive Market. Thrive Market offers wholesale prices on tons of natural, organic and eco-friendly products including food, vitamins, essential oils and household cleaning supplies. You can save 25% off your first purchase when you join risk free. Learn more here.)

How to Use Your Vinegar Free All Purpose Cleaner:

I used this specific vinegar free all purpose cleaner recipe to clean my bathroom and mirrors (without streaking,) to wipe down countertops and appliances as well as to mop my floor Swiffer style with an eco-friendly mop with reusable pads.

As this is a surfactant based cleaner, however, you’ll want to only use it on hard, sealed surfaces, painted or sealed (not waxed) wood or fabrics. For furniture and the like where you want to protect the finish, try this recipe using Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap in place of the Sal Suds. You can also use Sal Suds on fabrics to wash clothing as well as to spot treat stains.

Zap Red Wine Stains on Rugs + Countertops!

I’ve use this recipe to successfully clean red wine out of an outdoor rug as well as to remove wine stains from my laminate kitchen countertops. To clean my rug, I sparingly sprayed my vinegar free all purpose cleaner onto the stain and then rubbed it in with a rag dipped in hot water until the stain disappeared. (However, it is important to mention you do need to make sure you get all of the suds out of your rug or carpet when spot cleaning so that it doesn’t attract more dirt. You can learn more about cleaning your carpets using Sal Suds here.)

For the countertop, I heavily sprayed my vinegar free all purpose cleaner onto the wine stain and let it set. I then wiped the countertop down an hour or so later to find that the stain had magically disappeared. For tougher stains, you can repeat this step or simply let the cleaner sit on the stain longer. (You’ll want to spray enough cleaner on your countertop stain so that it forms a small puddle for best results.)

For lighter everyday cleaning, Dr Bronner’s recommends one tablespoon of Sal Suds per quart of water. You can then add lemon or other citrus based essential oils as desired for scent. (Pssst. A combination of lemon and peppermint essential oils will also deter spiders.)

You should find that my vinegar free all purpose cleaner also works better than a combination of vinegar, water and essential oils. As vinegar is primarily a degreaser, it just doesn’t have a lot of actual cleaning power.

What Else Can You Use Sal Suds For?

Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds Biodegradable Cleaner is actually super versatile. And because most household cleaning uses call for so little of it, you’ll not only be surprised by how long it lasts, but also the savings from the products it replaces.

Wash + Spot Treat Laundry

To wash clothes in a top loading washer, use 2-3 Tablespoons of Sal Suds for a large load in place of your usual laundry detergent. For whites or extra funky smelling clothing, you can also add 1/2 cup baking soda to the wash cycle followed by one cup of vinegar during the rinse cycle. (Don’t add them both during the wash cycle or they cancel each other out.) For front loading HE washers, simply halve these amounts.

Wash Dishes + Veggies

To make a veggie wash add one drop of Sal Suds to a bowl of water. Then dunk your produce into the bowl, swish and rinse.

Or, to wash dishes, use a half teaspoon of Sal Suds in a sink of water. You can also use one drop of Sal Suds to wash a single pot.

Alternately you can create your own dish soap by combining 1/2 cup Sal Suds with 1/2 cup white vinegar,  1/2 cup warm distilled water, 1 tsp. citric acid (or lemon juice,) 2 tsp. kosher salt and 20 drops of essential oil.

Combine Sal Suds, vinegar and citric acid in a bowl and mix. In a separate bowl, combine the salt and warm water.

Once the bowl with the salt dissolves, stir in the mixture from the bowl with the Sal Suds. Add essentials oils then continuing stirring until the dish soap thickens. Then pour into a reusable dish soap container and use as you would regular dish soap.

Mop Floors + Clean Your Car

For mopping floors (using a mop and water bucket) as well as for washing cars, combine a half Tablespoon of Sal Suds to 3 gallons of hot water. Just be sure to add the Sal Suds to your bucket after you fill it with water.

Got it? Maybe? Don’t worry about trying to remember all of this. While I’d love you to bookmark this page for reference later on, the truth is, most of these recipes are on the back of the Sal Suds bottle for quick and easy reference. How nice is that?

Now not only can you enjoy a cleaner, healthier home, but you can also enjoy a happier husband!

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How to Make an Easy Bug Repellent Recipe

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Natural Homemade Easy Bug Repellent Recipe - Effective and requires as few as TWO ingredients!

Do you need an easy mosquito repellent recipe to help combat biting insects this summer? This simple, yet effective natural homemade bug repellent recipe needs as few as two ingredients and won’t require you to buy a lot of expensive essential oils. Here’s what you’ll need and how to make it.

How to Make a Natural Easy Bug Repellent Recipe to Keep Mosquitoes and Other Biting Insects Away This Summer

Natural Homemade Bug Repellent Recipe

© Rebecca’s Soap


2 oz. distilled water
2 oz. witch hazel
2.5 ml Bug Off Synergy Essential Oil Blend


If you don’t have witch hazel you can use all distilled water and vice versa. Simple combine all ingredients in a glass bottle with a fingertip mister and shake well. (Use a graduated plastic transfer pipette to measure out the essential oil.) To use simply shake before using then spray liberally onto skin and clothing.

To create a smaller batch simply use 12 drops of the essential oil blend per 1 ounce of liquid. For larger recipes, 20 drops is equal to 1 millimeter.

If you like this recipe, you may also like my natural homemade dry shampoo recipe. There are no food ingredients like you find in other homemade dry shampoo recipes that can attract bugs – no one wants those at a festival or out camping! – and the dry shampoo not only smells fantastic, but it also helps to repel biting insects as well! For more recipes like this one be sure to follow my DIY Lifestyle Tips board on Pinterest and my DIY Bath and Body board for more health, beauty and skin care recipes.

Homemade Rose Water Recipe

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DIY Natural Homemade Rosewater Recipe for Your DIY Beauty Recipes

With roses in full bloom now is a great time to start making your own natural homemade rose water recipe. Rose water is wonderful for all skin types which makes it well suited for incorporating into beauty and skin care recipes. Or you can simply use it as a fragrant mist for your home or a laundry freshener. There are many different ways to make rose water and in end it’s up to you to choose what works best for you based on the end result you’re looking for.

Simple DIY Homemade Rose Water Recipe for Your DIY Beauty and Skin Care Recipes and Home Linen Sprays

For my homemade rose water recipe I picked fresh rose buds and blooms that were free of insect damage and filled a 12 oz. mason jar with the petals. I then covered completely with distilled water and a teaspoon of vodka and tightly closed the container.

Like tea, you can either bring the water to a boil and pour over the rose petals – though you don’t want to heat the petals for too long as they’ll lose their fragrance – or “cold brew” your petals by leaving them in the jar for anywhere from two days to two weeks before straining the petals from the water with cheesecloth.

The vodka, as well, is optional. I chose to use a bit to help better preserve the rose water as I’ll be using this batch for a rose water toner.

Natural Homemade Rose and Lavender Floral Water DIY

In a second container, I combined white rose petals with dried lavender buds in distilled water only for a different fragrance. Keep in mind however, that lavender blossoms will turn the water slightly brown just as it does melt and pour soap, so you may not want to use this water as a linen spray.

Once you’ve made your own homemade rose water put it to use! Rose water on it’s own is a wonderful skin toner. Simply place it into a glass jar with a mister and spray on your face after you wash it and before applying moisturizer.

You can also use rose water to make homemade lotions and creams by substituting the water portion of the recipe with floral water. (Be sure to use a preservative for all of your lotion recipes that contain water to prevent bacterial growth, or refrigerate and use within several days!)

Alternately you can use the rose water in lieu of the water called for when making handmilled soaps!

Here are a few recipes you can try: Homemade Rose & Ylang Ylang Body Cream Recipe, Natural Night Cream Recipe, Handmilled Aloe Soap Balls Recipe, and a Sensuous Scented Sheet Spray Recipe. You can find even more beauty recipes via my DIY Bath and Body board on Pinterest.

Also be sure to check out these other recipe variations for homemade flower water to create your own perfect product!

Prefer to purchase your rose water instead? Mountain Rose Herbs has a fabulous collection of flower waters that includes calendula, rosemary, rose, basil, lemon verbena and more!

Homemade White Bean Salad Recipe

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Homemade Lunch Recipe - Easy White Bean Salad in Mason Jars

Looking for a healthy, nutritious and crazy delicious lunch? This simple to make white bean salad bean recipe from Nature Box has got your number and it gives you yet another use for your fantastic collection of mason jars! Grab the recipe via the Nature Box blog here.

Interested in getting your favorite healthy snacks in the mail once a month? Try the Nature Box subscription program. I’ve been a member for several months now and am totally in love. Not only are the snacks delicious and cost conscious, but you get to choose what goes into your box each and every month so you always get the products you love! Each monthly box contains five snacks for $19.95 with free shipping. Add extra bags of your favorites for just an additional $3 each. Sign up here and get $10 off your first order.

Or if you prefer smaller snacks, give Graze a try. They send small boxes of snacks for just $6 twice monthly with free shipping – although you can choose to receive the boxes less often. Plus the first and 5th boxes are free! Visit Graze here to sign up and use friend code:THPXHL7MP to join. I also like that I can send one off boxes as gifts.

For more great food ideas and recipes, be sure to follow my Recipes board on Pinterest!

DIY Coffee Under Eye Cream for Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles & Fine Lines

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Suffering from puffy eyes, dark circles or even fine lines? This DIY coffee under eye cream may be able to help!

Coffee Eye Cream DIY! This homemade natural coffee under eye cream recipe is the secret to beautiful skin! Made using homemade coffee infused oil this natural coffee infused under eye cream diminishes the appearance of dark under eye circles, puffiness and even fine lines. Plus it helps fight aging by promoting skin health! #diy #coffee #eyecream #skincare #beauty #naturalbeauty #naturalskincare #antiaging #secret

In my last post I mentioned that I had recently purchased and tried 100% Pure Cosmetics’ Organic Coffee Bean Eye Cream made with Arabica Coffee Seed Oil and Green Arabica Coffee Seed Oil and as a result concocted my own coffee bean infused oil for creating my own version of a caffeinated DIY coffee under eye cream that would help with those morning dark under eye circles, puffiness and even fine lines.

I strayed from the ingredients in 100% Pure Cosmetics product a bit but I was rather pleased with the results of my own DIY coffee under eye cream which creates a smooth, rich cream that smells like delectable coffee.

I used natural ingredients known for their anti-inflammatory properties like shea butter, olive oil and lavender & chamomile essential oils, as well as jojoba and naturally anti-aging rosehip seed oil which have skin rejuvenating properties with evidence that they reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The end product is smooth and creamy and literally melts right into skin. A little goes a long way.

You can either make this recipe for one large container or pour the cream into smaller sized lip balm pots for gifting and sharing. If you like my DIY coffee under eye cream, you can also use the coffee infused oil you make for this recipe to create my other recipe for homemade coffee lip balm.

Don’t want to make your own? You can buy artisan crafted coffee under eye cream as well as coffee under eye serums here.

This Natural DIY Coffee Under Eye Cream Recipe is made using homemade coffee infused oil which can help with puffiness, fine lines and dark circles!

DIY Coffee Under Eye Cream Recipe

© Rebecca’s Soap Delicatessen


1/2 oz. coffee infused oil (see below)
.25 oz. jojoba oil
.25 oz. rosehip seed oil
.75 oz. shea butter
.75 oz. cocoa butter
1/2 ml lavender essential oil
1/2 ml chamomile essential oil (3% dilution in jojoba oil)
5 drops vitamin E oil

To Make Coffee Infused Oil:

Coarsely ground 3 Tablespoons of whole (unflavored) coffee beans in a coffee grinder. Combined the grounds with 4 oz. by weight of olive oil over low heat for about 15 minutes, then strain the oil using either cheesecloth or a coffee filter in a pinch.

As I didn’t have cheesecloth handy, I improvised by taping a coffee filter to the top of a cup then poured the coffee and oil into the filter. Once the majority of the oil dripped through I carefully removed the filter and then squeezed the rest of the oil out into the cup.


Using a digital scale weigh out the shea and cocoa butter into a glass Pyrex measuring cup. Heat in the microwave until melted, then weigh out the coffee infused oil, rosehip seed oil and the jojoba oil and stir into the melted butters.

Next, using a different 3ml Graduated Plastic Transfer Pipette for each essential oil, measure out and add the chamomile and lavender essential oils and mix into the other ingredients. Finally, add several drops of vitamin E if desired and pour into your container(s) of choice.

How to Make Homemade DIY Coffee Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles, Puffiness and Fine Lines

This DIY coffee under eye cream recipe yields approximately seven 10ml or 1/3 oz. lip balm pots or will fit into a 2 oz. container or jar.

Notes from the crafting kitchen: Keep in mind that my DIY coffee under eye cream take some time to thicken. I’ve had products like this take a day or two to thicken at room temps and up to several hours to thicken fully in the fridge.

Also, as I did go back and experiment with various coffee options, note that using pre-ground coffee beans vs. coffee beans you grind fresh as well as the intensity of the roast – light, medium or dark – will determine the final color of your oil. Pre-ground and darker roasts make a much darker oil than grinding the beans yourself and choosing a light roast. Also, straining with a coffee filter over all other methods produces a much lighter oil with fewer coffee grains sneaking through.

Also keep in mind that ingredients from different suppliers will yield slightly varying results. I do not recommend using oils from the grocery store, but rather oils meant specifically for cosmetics and soapmaking for the best results and a longer shelf life.

Coffee Eye Cream DIY! This homemade natural coffee under eye cream recipe is THE beauty secret to more beautiful skin! Made using homemade coffee infused oil this natural coffee infused under eye cream diminishes the appearance of dark under eye circles, puffiness and even fine lines. Plus it helps fight aging by promoting skin health! #diy #coffee #eyecream #skincare #beauty #naturalbeauty #naturalskincare #antiaging #secret

If you like my DIY coffee under eye cream, then you may also like my Natural Anti-Wrinkle Facial Serum Recipe for Dry, Mature Skin as well as my Natural Handmade Nourishing, Anti-Wrinkle Under Eye Cream Recipe.

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