Beautiful DIY Gift Wrap Ideas for the Holidays and Last Minute Gift Ideas

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 I love this DIY gift wrap idea with cut out mistletoe via the Swedish blog, At Home with Helena.

Need ideas for wrapping the perfect gifts for Christmas tomorrow? Try out this DIY gift wrap idea with cut out mistletoe via the Swedish blog, At Home with Helena here. Then discover even more beautiful DIY gift wrap ideas on my Pretty Packaging board on Pinterest here. Or check out my Printables board for seasonal printable gift wrap and gift tags.

This pastel deer themed Christmas printable gift wrap from Craftberry Bush is one of my all time favorites!

This pastel deer themed Christmas printable gift wrap from Craftberry Bush is one of my all time favorites! (Repin it here.)

This homemade coffee scrub recipe without coconut oil is inspired by the Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub. Scented with a fresh blend of orange, coconut and cardamom, my coffee scrub recipe contains naturally emollient sweet almond oil, mineral rich pink Himalayan salt, anti-inflammatory blood orange essential oil, brown sugar, and ground coffee to exfoliate, smooth and brighten dull, aging or acne prone skin. Plus there are free printable labels for gifting!

Still need a few last minute gift ideass? Homemade body scrubs and lip balms are super quick to make and always a treat for the recipient! My friend, Bambi, and I made twelve of my coffee body scrubs – recipe here – in under an hour. From start to finish each batch took us about five minutes to weigh, mix and package!

We put ours in 8 oz.Black PET PCR Jars with Black Smooth Lined Caps from SKS Bottle & Packaging with simple strip of washi tape across the lid. (Bambi and I LOVE the washi tapes at Cute Tape! You can also visit Cute Tape for both gift packaging ideas as well DIY projects!)

Learn how to make your own homemade rose sugar scrub and homemade hibiscus salt scrub with two easy to create body scrub recipes from Soap Deli News blog!

Other scrubs you might love include my homemade hibiscus salt scrub recipe and my homemade rose sugar scrub recipe. Both of these projects include super simple labeling ideas that you can create yourself!

This sea salt face and body scrub recipe is loosely inspired by Lush's Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub. Made using fine dead sea salt, this emulsified sea salt face and body scrub recipe has a creamy texture and is gentle enough for even sensitive skin. Ingredients like mango butter, fractionated coconut oil and lanolin help to condition and protect skin while dead sea salt lends its natural healing properties.

My sea salt face and body scrub recipe is also very popular and is is loosely inspired by Lush’s Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub. It even comes with free printable labels for your finished scrubs making gifting even easier!

My recipe for homemade cranberry body butter makes a great homemade Christmas gift! It’s non-greasy and smells simply delectable.

My recipe for homemade cranberry body butter is also very popular this time of the year. It’s non-greasy and smells simply delectable. If you prefer not to use a fragrance oil or don’t have a suitable one on hand, my lavender version of this recipe contains a few more ingredients, but uses lavender essential oil, and is one of my top pinned recipes of all time.

For all of my homemade recipes and DIY projects that include free printable labels, visit Soap Deli News blog here. For more DIY Christmas gift ideas, you can discover 50 of my favorite DIY holiday gifts here. Also be sure to check out my Pinterest boards for thousands of projects. My unique DIY Christmas gifts board and my DIY stocking stuffers board are both great resources this time of year.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

How to Make DIY Handmade Perfume Oils to Give as Gifts for Holiday Stocking Stuffers and Wedding Favors

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How to Make Handmade Perfume Oils - DIY Perfume Oil Recipe - Great as a Holiday Stocking Stuffer Gift Idea or as Party or Wedding Favors and Even Birthday and Mother's Day Gifts
Ever wondered how to make your own perfumes? Perfume oils are extremely simple to make unless you are creating your own unique fragrance blends from scratch. Otherwise it can get a little complicated perfecting a fragrance formula that you love. While the base oil for crafting your own DIY Perfume Oils is a little high, the end result is well worth it and you’ll never have to go without your favorite scent blend again.
How to Make Custom Perfume Oils - DIY Red Velvet Cake Perfume Oil Recipe - Great Gift Idea for Women, Teens and Girls
DIY Handmade Red Velvet Cake Perfume Oil Recipe
1/2 oz. Jojoba Oil
4 mL Red Velvet Cake Fragrance OIl

You’ll also need:

In a small glass container, weigh out 1/2 oz. – or approximately 14 grams – of jojoba oil. Next, using a graduated plastic pipette, measure out 4mL of your fragrance oil and stir into the jojoba oil. Now, using a plastic pipette, fill your containers and tightly screw on the caps. Don’t restrict this recipe to simply a red velvet cake fragrance though. You can use any body safe fragrance oils that you’ve fallen in love with!

DIY Handmade Red Velvet Cake Perfume Oil Recipe - How to Make Perfume Oils for Gift Giving on Birthdays, Mother's Day and as Wedding Favors and Christmas Stocking Stuffers

Finally, you can give your diy handmade perfume vials a decorative touch by adding a small strip of washi tape around the bottle. Customize the washi tape based on the season, the scent, or even to coordinate with your wedding theme colors!

DIY Handmade Decorative Pillow Boxes - Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas for Wedding Favors and Stocking Stuffers Gifts

Dress your handmade perfume oils up even further by gifting them in Kraft Pillow Boxes you’ve decorated with scrapbooking papers and ribbon. These gift boxes can then be saved by the recipient and re-used again for other special occasion gifts! Plus they fit so neatly inside a Christmas stocking for stocking stuffer gifts!

Last Minute Handmade Holiday Gifts and Stocking Stuffers – DIY Gifts You Can Craft in a Short Amount of Time with Grocery Store Trip

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While the holiday season isn’t quite in full force yet with Black Friday still around the corner, it won’t be long. So while I know we still have time to shop for Christmas gifts now, I also know how time has a way of sneaking up on us and leaving us shopping for gifts at the last minute. Plus, there’s always the possibility of those last minute guests arriving that we need to throw a gift together for. So whether you’re here looking to put together some small gifts or stocking stuffers now for people you know and those who may show up at the last minute without notice – or you just happen to be down to the wire at the last minute on Christmas Eve – here are some gifts you can whip up in a short amount time with ingredients and supplies you can buy at most common grocery stores at the last second. I especially love these diy crafts as handmade stocking stuffers or gifts for co-workers.
Your New Boyfriend Handmade Sticker Set from Nowvember
Perfect for your teen who goes jumps between love and hate on a frighteningly common basis – or a college friend who’s gone through a recent breakup – these handmade boyfriend stickers can be created last minute as a fun, gag gift. They are perfect in a stocking or included inside a Christmas greeting card. Simply find photos you’d like to use online for your “boyfriend faces” – they could be vintage photos of strangers or pictures of people you know – and save the files to your computer. Then open up a program like Word or Open Office – free through – and arrange your photos on the page sizing to yearbook photo size. Then simply print the page of photos out onto a full sized page sticker label. You can leave spaces in between the photos to draw colored hearts or other shapes with a permanent market. Cut out your stickers and package or draw dashes around each sticker so the recipient can cut out the stickers herself. Pre-made boyfriend sticker sets are available for sale through Nowvember.
Gifts for Guy Guests – Handmade BBQ Spice Rubs from kojo designs
The favorite men in my life have always loved to grill, so it’s safe bet that a surprise male guest who shows up for the holidays will also have a penchant for cooking out. Playing off this for gifts is a safe bet and makes gifting in this situation easy. Simply mix up some flavorful, handmade grilling and bbq spice rubs as a stocking stuffer for the man in your life as well as his friends that decide to crash your Christmas party once family has dwindled. You can find the recipes for making Homemade Brown Sugar Rub for Pork or Beef, Homemade Tandoori Rub for Chicken, and Homemade Greek Rub for Chicken or Pork at kojo designs blog. There are also free printable labels that coincide with these recipes. And, you can always do a search for more recipes online. What really makes this a great gift is that if you make too much, you can stock the leftovers in your kitchen for your own use. (If you have time to shop online, Mountain Rose Herbs offers an excellent, quality selection of organic herbs and spices.)
DIY Homemade Rosemary Mint Sugar Scrub from Good Lifestyle
For the ladies I love being able to give gifts that pamper and I know I love to receive them as well. That’s what makes this Homemade Rosemary Mint Sugar Scrub such a great gift! It’s a little winter pampering to soothe the stress from the holidays! It’s simple to make and doesn’t require a preservative as the recipe is oil based. You can find the recipe for this DIY Rosemary Mint Sugar Scrub at Good Lifestyle Blog along with free printable labels for your project. I also like the recipe for an extra festive, DIY Candy Cane Sugar Scrub found at The Craftinomicon and this Delicious, Organic Lavender Sugar Scrub Recipe. For even more handmade sugar scrub recipe ideas, check out these other DIY Sugar Scrub Recipes, from Soap Deli News Blog. (If you have the time to order supplies online, I highly recommend the organic herbs, spices and essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs.)
Homemade Eggnog Cupcakes from Annie’s Eats
More of a baker? Everyone on your list is sure to appreciate the recipe from Annie’s Eats for Homemade Eggnog Cupcakes. The cupcake recipe calls for a flavorful addition of dark rum or bourbon and the icing on top includes a dash of rum, some eggnog, and bit of freshly grated nutmeg.
Homemade Chocolate-Dipped Marshmallows from Good Life Eats
Another tasty treat sensation sure to be devoured before your holiday party ends are these Homemade Chocolate-Dipped Marshmallows. The recipes can be found at Life Good Eats along with another scrumptious recipe for Chocolate Raspberry Vanilla Bean Marshmallows. Other edible gift ideas I like include: Divine Caramel Sauce Recipe – seal it in a jar with ribbon and jingle bells tied around the lid – and a recipe for Homemade White Chocolate Peppermint Fudge.

Down to just minutes before you’re headed out the door? Print out a holiday wine label onto adhesive sticker paper, cut and go. Simply apply the label to a bottle of wine you have in your cupboard, or pick up a bottle from the store on the way to your destination! Martha Stewart has a nice selection of wine label clip art for Christmas and the New Year.

For even more help with your holiday shopping or DIY gifts, be sure to visit my Pinterest Boards – Unique DIY Christmas Gift Ideas and Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas. For last minute gift wrap ideas and printable gift tags check out these boards – Pretty Packaging and Printables.
What are some of your ideas for last minute Christmas gifts?