DIY Etched Mason Jars Craft Project

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Starry DIY Etched Mason Jar Craft Project

This DIY Etched Mason Jars Craft Project is an easy way to dress up your empty mason jars as well as any  other glass jars you might have on hand. They’re perfect for storing and organizing items in your own home or you can fill them with delightful treats or handmade goodies for gifting!

Initially my handy dandy sometimes super assistant, Hunter, helped me with these using a DIY Etched Glass Champagne Flutes Kit from Darby Smart. Included in this kit were two champagne flutes plus one extra for practice, Martha Stewart Glass Etch Cream with Brush, and star stickers. We learned a few things with this kit. 1.) Practice first. 2.) Use a larger brush than what comes with the kit to get better, more even coverage. 3.) This works better, or rather is easier, with larger surfaces. 4.) Use stickers that adhere well enough that they don’t slip when brushing on the etching cream. Puffy stickers should be avoided all together as they are the worst culprit. 5.) Etching cream smells terrible. (As witnessed in this behind the scenes instagram photograph.)

The champagne flutes did not come out anywhere near what we were hoping for and we definitely would have benefited from practicing first. However, there was more than enough etching cream left to make a few mason jars so that’s what Hunter did. If you try this yourself and the first time’s a bust you can salvage your glass or jar by simply going back over the glass with more etching cream to frost the entire glass or jar.

Here’s how it’s done.

DIY Etched Mason Jar Craft Project - Step one

Start by applying your stickers to a clean glass surface. Use stars or letters or any other shape that suits your fancy.

DIY Etched Mason Jar Craft Project - Step two

Apply a thick coat of etching cream over entire surface you want to appear frosted. Allow to set for at least fifteen minutes or twenty for good measure.

DIY Etched Mason Jar Craft Project - Step three

Now rinse off the etching cream from the glass by running it under warm water. Once all of the etching cream comes off, remove the stickers and  wash the glass.

DIY Etched Mason Jar Craft Project - How to Etch Glass with Star Shapes

Your starry DIY Etched Mason Jars are now ready for whatever you choose their mission to be.

DIY Etched Mason Jar with Stars

You can leave your mason jars plain or dress them up with a bit of Kraft paper and baker’s twine.

DIY Natural Homemade Rosewater Recipe for Your DIY Beauty Recipes

Or decorate the lids of your mason jars with plastic toy animals, E6000 Glue and Krylon Short Cuts Spray Paint as I did for these mason jars I used to make homemade rosewater in. (Incidentally these decorative mason jars were also from a Darby Smart DIY Kit.)

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Homemade White Bean Salad Recipe

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Homemade Lunch Recipe - Easy White Bean Salad in Mason Jars

Looking for a healthy, nutritious and crazy delicious lunch? This simple to make white bean salad bean recipe from Nature Box has got your number and it gives you yet another use for your fantastic collection of mason jars! Grab the recipe via the Nature Box blog here.

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For more great food ideas and recipes, be sure to follow my Recipes board on Pinterest!

DIY Favorites to Make and Bake

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I’m busy in the kitchen and hard at work coming up with some great new soap, bath and beauty recipes to share with you. In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few of my newest favorite diy craft projects and bath and body recipes I’ve discovered online in pursuit of all that’s crafty.

DIY Favorites to Make and Bake - Photo Tin, Cactus Cupcakes, and Faux Hot Process Soap1. DIY Personalized Magnets & Tins via Martha Stewart
2. DIY House Plant Cupcakes via Alana Jones-Mann
3. DIY Faux Hot Process Soap Loaf via How Do I Make Soap

Creative DIY Soap Projects - How to Felt Soap, Make a Lavender Mint Olive Oil Infusion for Your Cold Process Soap Recipes, and Craft a DIY Mason Jar Foaming Soap Dispenser for Your Liquid Soaps1. DIY Felt Covered Soap via Sugar & Cloth
2. DIY Lavender Mint Infused Olive Oil via Delightfully Tacky
3. DIY Mason Jar Foaming Soap Dispenser via Pretty Handy Girl

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