Lavender Mint Balm Recipe for Mother’s Day

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Make this amazing lavender mint balm recipe for Mother’s Day! This plant based homemade product is super easy to make and is wonderful as a gift or for yourself!

Lavender mint balm recipe! This plant based homemade product is so easy to make and makes a lovely homemade gift idea for lavender lovers! It's perfect for your hands, body and even lips! Discover this lavender mint balm recipe now at Soap Deli News blog!

If your mom loves the outdoors then she’s sure to love this nature inspired, plant based lavender mint balm recipe. Perfect for hands, body and lips, this homemade lavender mint balm recipe is made from natural lavender and mint infused oil and raw, unfiltered beeswax. It makes a lovely and thoughtful handmade Mother’s Day gift idea and is ready in just a few hours!

DIY Lavender Mint Balm Recipe

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3 oz. lavender & mint infused jojoba oil
1 oz. natural beeswax
1 ml GMO-free vitamin E oil
1.5 ml lavender essential oil (optional, if you’d like more scent)


To create this lavender mint balm recipe you’ll to begin by first making your infused oil. You do this quickly by combining your herbs – in this case lavender flowers and mint –  in a small saucepan and covering with the jojoba oil. (Feel free to substitute another carrier oil of your choice.) Set the heat on warm or the lowest setting and allow to “stew” for 3-4 hours. Alternately, you can fill a pot about 2/3 of the way full with water and then place a mason jar with your herbs and oil into the water over low heat. (More on this here.)

Once you’ve infused your oil, strain it through cheesecloth. It’s now ready to use.

Using a digital scale weigh out the beeswax and melt in double boiler. Then weigh out the lavender and mint infused oil and stir into the melted beeswax. (Keep your leftover oil infusion for future projects by keeping sealed and storing in a cool, dark location.)

Next, use graduated transfer pipettes to measure out the vitamin E and, if desired, the lavender essential oil. Stir into the liquified beeswax and oil mixture then pour into glass salve jars or tins. Allow to cool completely then use as desired wherever your skin needs a little extra love!

Want to mix this natural balm recipe up a bit more? Try infusing the lavender flowers with lemon balm (another mint), lemongrass or even lemon verbena. Or add 1ml of lemongrass or lemon balm essential oil into the balm recipe.

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DIY Homemade Honeysuckle & Rose Soap Recipe for Mother’s Day

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Handmade Honeysuckle and Rose Soap Recipe for Mother's Day

May means Mother’s Day and since it will be here before you know it, now is the perfect time to get started on this amazing soap recipe I created for the April 2014 issue of Wholesale Supplies Plus’ eHandmade Magazine! This homemade cold process soap recipe combines Mom’s favorite fragrances – honeysuckle and rose – together so it smells like summer every day! An ingredient list that includes four – yes, four! – butters means this soap won’t strip Mom’s skin of precious oils making it great for even dry and maturing skin. It also lathers fabulously so cleaning up after messy kids and grandkids is a snap. Plus it’s palm free for the eco-conscious!

Dying to try this soap out? Simply download the PDF version of this month’s magazine and skip ahead to page 23. You’ll also discover a lot of other great homemade soap recipes and gift ideas for Mom including a cold process soap recipe for a soap rose bouquet, a green tea cold process soap recipe with honey and real green tea, a luxurious lime foot soak and more!

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DIY Natural Chocolate Rose Hand and Body Cream Recipe

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Natural DIY Homemade Chocolate and Rose Hand and Body Cream Recipe - Luxurious Mother's Day Gift Idea

I know, here I am talking about chocolates and roses and Valentine’s Day has already come and gone. But I’m not talking about those chocolate and roses. Instead I’m talking about a heavenly chocolate and rose scented hand and body cream made with moisture intense coconut oil! Not only does it smell fabulous, but it’s a hundred percent natural. I also think it’d make a faboo homemade Mother’s Day gift in the near future. Read on for how to make it!

Natural Chocolate & Rose Body Cream Recipe

© Rebecca’s Soap Delicatessen


1.5 oz. 76 degree melt point coconut oil
1 oz. argan oil
.75 oz. beeswax
.25 oz. walnut oil
.25 oz. castor oil
20 drops cocoa absolute
10 drops rose essential oil (or a blend works too!)


Weigh out the beeswax using a digital kitchen scale and melt either in the microwave (in a glass pyrex measuring cup) or a double boiler. Next, weigh out the remaining oils in a separate container then stir into the melted beeswax until all ingredients have melted. Add the cocoa absolute and rosewood essential oil and stir. Allow to set up almost all of the way, then mix well to incorporate the cocoa absolute back into the cream. (It sinks to the bottom when the oils are still liquid.) Finally, spoon into a 4 oz. container or evenly into two 2 oz. containers of your choice. Use as desired on hands, feet or body.

Don’t want to use walnut oil? Oils with intense healing properties like evening primrose oil, pumpkin seed oil and rosehip seed oil make great substitutes. You can also use tamanu oil – one of my favorites! – however, as it has a strong natural scent it may affect the smell of the final product slightly.

For a slightly thicker cream, try adding 1 oz. of shea butter or .5 oz. of one of the following: cocoa, kokum or illipe butter.

This is also great on lips or even as a hair mask in a pinch.

For more great homemade bath, body and skin care recipes, be sure to follow my DIY Bath and Body board on Pinterest. And if you’re already thinking ahead to Mother’s Day, then be sure to follow my Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas board on Pinterest as well. I’ll be adding lots of new DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas in the coming months!

Homemade Printable Labels for Mother’s Day

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Homemade Printable Soap Labels and Printable Gift Tags for Mother's Day
If you’re looking for some lovely spring inspired printable labels, you’ll definitely want to download my newest hand drawn labels! These super cute labels feature hearts and flower around the border and come in both black & white as well as color. They are the perfect size to use as homemade soap labels or you can affix them to packaging as gift tags for your handmade Mother’s Day gifts. Simply print onto full sticker label sheets, cut them out and then affix to your spot of choice!


Hand Drawn Printable Soap Labels and Printable Gift Tags for Mother's Day
The labels pictured here are my black & white printable labels that have been colored in with permanent markers. The color labels feature the hearts, flowers and leaves already in full color with a gradient yellow around the border. You can download these homemade labels here.
Homemade Mother's Day Gift Idea - Handmade Spa Bath and Beauty Gift Basket with Printable Labels

Looking for homemade Mother’s Day gift ideas? Why not create a unique handmade spa gift basket? You can use the printable labels featured above with your own message for the handmade products featured in this basket or the labels available with the projects themselves.

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Handmade DIY Eco-Friendly Soy Wax Candles – Great for Favors and Gifts

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Despite the fact that I make handmade soaps for a living, I’ve always been a little intimidated about making candles. Not to mention with the increasing costs for raw materials for soapmaking ingredients and continuously rising shipping prices, I’ve been reluctant to invest in buying wax because of the high shipping costs due to the sheer weight of the product. However, after discovering a little DIY for making handmade soy candles for less than a dollar each (not including the cost of the container) I think I may just give candle making a try.

Ruffled Blog has an excellent diy tutorial for making eco-friendly soy candles on the cheap. While they suggest giving these as wedding favors, you could also make these for your own home use or for gift giving over the holidays or for other special occasions like birthdays or Mother’s Day. This candle making project calls for natural soy wax flakes, cotton wicks, a fragrance oil, and a recycled glass container of your choice. You can buy matching containers on the cheap at the dollar or second hand store if you prefer. But your container won’t cost a dime if you upcycle an existing container you already have such as a mason or jelly jar.

I’m thinking I may make some of these for handmade Christmas gifts this year. What’s your favorite Christmas fragrance for candles?