The Cross Body Purse from MinneBITES

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Pink and Gray Handmade Cross Body Purse from MinneBITESFanny packs are convenient and useful, but even closing in on forty years of age, you won’t find me wearing one. Instead, during my vacation at Floyd Fest last week, I chose to instead sport the rather fabulous handmade cross body purse (pictured above) from MinneBITES.

The long strap of this well crafted, handmade purse fits securely across your chest so there’s no fear of losing it or having it snatched without a struggle. This makes it perfect for vacationing in unfamiliar areas, clubbing, the grocery store and even for stashing cash when selling at the farmer’s market or a craft fair. It’s small enough to not get in the way, but large enough to hold all of your essentials – cash, id, phone, lip balm – even a container of Altoids smalls – making it perfect for everyday use as well. I was able to easily stash my new Nikon COOLPIX Digital Camera that I bought for my trip to Floyd Fest safely inside. Plus, with the option of switching to a smaller strap (sold separately,) you can easily make this purse into a wristlet when it suits your needs.

For the grocery store, I like to keep my coupons in the front zipper pouch. Although I’ve gotten so I keep them in there all of the time because otherwise I’ll forget them. (I always want to kick myself when I forget that $5 off a $50 purchase from our local Kroger.) And, because they are in separate compartment they don’t get in the way of other essentials I may need out of this purse on a daily basis.

Handmade Back to School Shark Shaped Pencil Holder by MinneBITES

Additionally, if you follow MinneBITES on Facebook, you’ll find there are perks to being a fan. Aside from receiving notice of coupon codes and new additions, Mary also offers new bags to lucky test subjects at half price! Whenever she creates a new bag style she’s considering for MinneBITES, Mary announces it on her facebook page then puts one of the new bags up for sale at half price in exchange for your feedback later on. This is how I came to own my cross body purse from MinneBITES. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it on her facebook page, and I was quick to snatch it up through her shop on Etsy when she announced it’s availability.  In addition to being both functional and super, it’s very well made.

If this cross body bag isn’t quite your style, don’t fret. Mary sells a variety of cute and compact bags at MinneBITES including some pretty rockin’ pencil holders she creates for back to school in shapes like sharks (pictured above,) snails and ladybugs.

What’s your favorite everyday bag or purse to carry?

Handmade Back to School Accessories That Are Too Cool for School

I may receive compensation from links on this site. See my disclosure policy.

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Is someone in your family headed back to school this fall? If so, what’s the one must have item you’re buying for their next back to school experience?