DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Idea – Personalized Handmade Name Custom Name Sign

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Want to give a special, personalized gift for Valentine’s Day this year? Create a custom handmade name sign for someone special in your life! My son, Cody, made a personalized name sign for a girl he knows at school. Here’s how he did it.
DIY Valentine's Day GIft Idea - Personalized Handmade Name Sign
Start by selecting a piece of wood that is around 3/4″ to 1 1/2″ thick. This will allow your name sign to stand on it’s own on a surface or at the top of a door or window frame. This is a great use for any scrap wood you may have on hand. Then draw your design onto the piece of wood you’ve chosen to use. Next, carefully cut out the name using a jigsaw.
DIY Handmade GIft Idea - Personalized Handmade Custom Name Sign
Once you’ve cut out the letters for your sign, you may want to sand the edges so there are no rough edges.
DIY Woodworking Craft Project - Personalized Handmade Custom Name Sign - DIY Valentine's Day Gift Idea
Once you’ve cut out and sanded the sign, it’s time to decorate it. Cody opted to stain the sides and the back of his sign.
DIY Woodworking Craft Project - Personalized Hand Painted Custom Name Sign - DIY Valentine's Day Gift Idea
For the front of the sign, Cody applied purple, gray and white non-toxic acrylic paints. He painted the bottom base of the sign with gray paint and the letters of the name with purple paint.
DIY Valentine's Day Craft Project - Homemade Gift Idea - Personalized Wooden Name Sign
Finally he painted around the edges of the letters with white paint and added a row of dots in white paint to the base of the sign. Who would you make a personalized name sign for?

Budget savvy wedding rings that look anything but cheap.

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My cousin got married yesterday and that got me thinking about less traditional wedding rings. Sam and her husband had simple gold bands with their names engraved in them. Sam & William for hers and William and Sam for his. With the economy still in a crunch, lots of couples may be looking for a way to scale back on the cost of a wedding and perhaps, even the cost of the rings as well. That doesn’t mean your rings can’t stand out.
In fact, there are wedding bands that not only take the cake, but come in under $1000. I took the time to seek out some amazing hand crafted rings that not only look amazing, but are also budget savvy. Don’t be afraid to do something a little different, especially if you’re able to put more heart into it than diamonds.

Wedding Place Card Holder/Favor Tutorial

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This tutorial was written by and is reprinted courtesy of Kat’s Krafts.

Need a cute, fun, inexpensive idea for wedding favors/place card holders?

These fun embellished clothespin magnets are the perfect idea; they’re super simple to put together and look great!
(Watch for them on’s upcoming do-it-yourself blog!)

Also, if you’re not keen on doing-it yourself or don’t have the time, I’d be happy to put together a custom order for you. Check out my etsy shop –

Materials Needed

Mod Podge
Diamond Glaze (or hot glue)
Decorative paper
Ink Pad
Ribbon (optional)
Scissors/paper trimmer
Small foam brush

Step 1
Trim decorative paper to just smaller than clothespin side. You will need 2 strips of paper for each clothespin. Spread a thin layer of Mod Podge along each side of the clothespin (using the foam brush) and adhere the paper to it, pressing out any air bubbles.
Step 2
Using an ink pad and a light touch, distress the outer edges of the clothespin. Allow to dry.
Step 3
Spread another thin layer of Mod Podge over the clothespin sides, to seal, making sure to cover all of the paper edges. Allow to dry. Apply a second coat, if desired.
Step 4
Adhere the magnet to the back side of the clothespin using Diamond Glaze (recommended) or hot glue. Press firmly until the magnet is secure, or the magnet will be attracted to the metal of the spring and may rip your paper. The best position for ease of use as a magnet is just above the spring. Neodymium magnets offer the strongest pull and can be ordered online from many reputable sellers.
Step 5
Tie ribbon onto the clothespin, or embellish any way you see fit! (Other neat ideas include rhinestones, a monogram, or silk flower with button center.) These work wonderfully as place card holders and are a fabulously fun and functional wedding favor!
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Each cootie layout is as unique as the couple they are designed for. They are personalized with everything to suit each couple’s theme from the paper (there are over 50 colors available!) to the font, the design, and the wording, to the outer names/images, etc. Personalized with questions about you and your fiancé, your guests will be delighted to get to know more about you two as a couple while they mingle with others. (ex.- Where did the bride and groom meet?) This is perfect for that time when they are waiting on you at the reception venue as you take those all-important wedding photos. Another fun idea is to use these as “dares” to get the party started! (ex.- Ask a stranger to dance.) Learn more about these unique and fun favors at Kat’s Krafts.