DIY Chalkboard Easter Egg “Baskets”

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DIY Easter Chalkboard Pots - Go from Easter basket to plant pots once the holiday is over!

Easter baskets are fun to fill, gift and receive, but when my son was little we used his basket once and then it would sit on the shelf in his closet for a year. Rather than buy something and use it once, why not upcycle your basket into something new after Easter is over?

Easy DIY Chalkboard Plant Pots

I was browsing Darby Smart when I fell in love with these super cute chalkboard plant pots (image above via Darby Smart.) Having happily purchased DIY kits from them previously for my son and niece this past Christmas I went ahead and purchased this kit without hesitation. Not only did they ship within two days, they arrived within two days of shipping and the kit was exactly as described. However, instead of making them into plant pots, I made mine into miniature Easter baskets!

Since the pots come with Cool Bistro Chalk Markers writing your message on these pots is a snap! You can then easily change the message by simply erasing the chalk marker with a wet paper towel and then write a new message. Easter and even spring gardening projects aside, these could also be used for small Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts. Here’s how you make them…

Easy DIY Chalkboard Easter "Basket" Pots

DIY Chalkboard Easter “Basket” Pots

You’ll need:

Three small terra cotta pots (3 1/2″ in diameter by 3″ height)
Broad Point Tip Fluorescent Blue Bistro Chalk Marker
Broad Point Tip Regular White Bistro Chalk Marker
Pebeo Porcelaine Black Chalkboard Paint
foam brush

What to do:

How to Make Chalkboard Planters

Using the foam brush paint your pots with chalkboard paint. Allow to dry 15-20 minutes then apply a second coat of paint.

Bake on the chalkboard paint

Once these finish drying, heat in the oven on a baking sheet at 300°F for 30 minutes, then turn the oven off and allow the pots to cool completely in the oven. This process bonds the chalkboard paint to the surface of the pots.

DIY Easter Craft Project - Easy Chalkboard Easter "Basket" Pots

Now write your message on the pots using your Bistro chalk markers and fill them with the goodies of your choice. I used the crinkle paper that my DIY Darby Smart Kit came packed in as Easter “grass” then filled them with candy, eggs and my DIY Easter “Peeps” Inspired Homemade Soap!

DIY Chalkboard Easter Eggs

I still had a bit of chalkboard paint left over that can be used for other projects. Darby Smart also has some other great Easter ideas and DIY kits right now that use chalkboard paint like the DIY Chalkboard Easter Eggs pictured above from their website.

DIY Chalkboard Coasters for Easter

And these easy to execute DIY Chalkboard Easter Inspired Coasters!

Right now I have three new Darby Smart DIY Kits I just purchased and received waiting for me to get my hands on them! I’m super excited. I’ll be making animal canisters, mini magnetic terrariums, and etched champagne flutes!

Looking for more quick and easy DIY Easter projects? Be sure to follow my DIY Homemade Easter Crafts and Treats board on Pinterest for more great ideas. You can also follow me on Blog Lovin‘, FacebookTwitterTumblrGoogle + and Instagram!

DIY Moss Terrarium

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Hello, lovely readers! It’s Jacie from Moss Love here – I create ready-made, DIY and wearable terrariums using live moss, air plants and marimo moss balls. I’m excited to help you make your own beautiful moss terrarium!

DIY Moss Terrariums from Jacie of Moss Love Terrariums

One of the best things about these is they don’t need direct sunlight like your typical house plant – so places that normally don’t see any greenery are in luck! Your desk at the office and that corner of your kitchen that doesn’t get sun are in for a makeover. Another bonus: they are super easy to take care of.

How to Make a DIY Moss Terrarium


Moss Love Terrarium DIY Kit - The Perfect Gift for the DIY-er

You will need:

  • a clear glass jar with a lid
  • rinsed and dried gravel or rocks (larger rocks can be used in larger jars)
  • dried sphagnum peat moss
  • peat moss soil
  • live moss (purchased or collected yourself)
  • polished rocks, colored gravel or glass, etc. for surface landscaping
  • a miniature habitant (the possibilities are endless…)


How to Make Beautiful DIY Moss Terrariums for Homemade Gifts for Home Accent Pieces

  1. First note to remember: you are going to want to leave the upper half (or more) of your jar open so your moss gets enough air. You may be tempted to add a lot of rocks (they are a fun layer to see through the glass), but halt! Unless you are working with a tall or large jar, you only need enough rocks for small drops of water to drain into (check my terrariums out for example photos). Gently add them to your jar.
  2. Add sheet moss for filtration – push to flatten. This keeps the soil in place – use just enough so there are no holes for soil to fall through.
  3. Add soil. Build it up on one side if you’d like a hill!
  4. Add your moss – break it into smaller pieces if you’d like to play with mixes of height and texture. Push it lightly onto the soil.
  5. Fill empty spots with polished stones, colored gravel or glass (I like to use blue for “water”), etc.
  6. Add your habitant and watch your little world come to life!


First time only: mist with water until soil starts to dampen (be sure to stop there – you don’t want too much water). Let the water evaporate off the sides of the jar, then add your lid.

After that: Mist lightly every 3 weeks (if dry). Avoid direct sun. Bright indoor light or indirect sun is best. If excess drops build up on glass, remove the lid to evaporate, then replace. It is important that sitting water isn’t left in the terrarium as this can lead to mold. When in doubt, dry it out (hey – that rhymes!).


Moss Love DIY Terrarium Kit - Great Handmade Gift Idea for Kids and DIY-ers

I also offer DIY Kits with all the fixings as well as individual habitants if you want the materials easily in one go. Make one for a friend, or give them a kit to create one themselves!


Things I Love Lately – DIY Crafts and Handmade Products I’m Ga Ga For

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I’m still not quite back into my regular routine of things since my vacation. And as I generally spend my weekends crafting and the weekdays blogging after my regular 9 to 5, I haven’t yet had a chance to whip up any new DIY projects or beauty recipes. While that means I’m just one short day away from giving those creative juices some time to run wild, it also means I won’t have any new bath and beauty recipes to share with you until the beginning of next week. But don’t fret. Life happens and as I’ve learned, it is what it is. In the meantime I hope you enjoy this little collection of diy crafts and handmade products that I’m a little ga ga over lately.

DIY Craft Projects I'm In Love with Lately - DIY Glitter Dipped Air Plant Holder, DIY Diorama Bookends, and DIY Vintage Book Tablet CoversDIY Craft Projects I Love Lately :: 1. DIY Glitter Dipped Air Plant Holder via 52 Weeks Project / 2. DIY Diorama Bookends via Sea of Shoes / 3. DIY Vintage Book Tablet Covers via Squirrel Junkie

Handmade products via etsy that I'm in love with lately - Creature cups, Hot air balloon gadget case, and totem animalsHandmade Products I Love Lately :: 1.  Creature Cup Set via Creature Cups / 2. Hot Air Balloon Gadget Case via Lazydoll / 3. Custom Baby Animal Totem via HandyMaiden

Unique Fun and Bright Handmade Products to Get Excited About - Moss Wars Terrarium, Stripey Pillow, and Washi Tape Cosmetic Pouch in Neon ColorsMore to Love Crafted By Hand :: 1. Princess Leia and Imperial Trooper Moss Terrarium via Moss Love Terrariums / 2 . Bright Multi-colored Stripey Accent Pillow via Geometric Electric / 3. Washi Tape Stripes Cosmetic Zipper Pouch via Allisa Jacobs

Which one is your favorite?

DIY Upcycled Washi Tape Planter

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DIY Easy Upcycled Planter - Made with Washi Tape and an Empty Vinegar ContainerI use so many gallon sized containers of vinegar every month – for everything from a homemade after shower spray to a natural and inexpensive laundry softener – that I wanted to  figure out something I could actually use these plastic containers for rather than just tossing them into the recycling bin. One of the quickest and easiest ways I thought of to upcycle these containers is to re-use them as pots for plants.

To make these pots, simply cut off the top of the container with sharp scissors – I used a knife to get started – wash thoroughly, then wrap with strips of your favorite washi tape. You can also make a small drain hole in the bottom if needed. Leave some of the plastic on your new pot exposed and you’ll be able to tell by how dark the soil is, whether or not it’s time to water.

I put one of my pepper plants in my pot while it’s waiting to be transplanted into the garden. However, these would be perfect for using container succulent gardens and for planting your favorite flowers and annual herbs.

Once I have three more of these vinegar containers emptied and ready for upcycing, I’m planning to use them with a dowel and eye hooks to create some new wall storage in my office.

Looking for more ways to re-use everyday containers? Be sure to check out my DIY Storage Box Organizer as well as my post on Creative Ways to Recycle Everyday Things. You can also follow me on Pinterest!

How do you recycle and upcycle everyday plastic containers?

Succulent Love – Creative Ways to Not Have a Green Thumb

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I love succulents. They are the one plant I almost never kill. And when I say almost, I mean I have killed a succulent or two by over watering by thinking I needed to make up for forgetting to water for weeks and sometimes months. But now that I’ve learned that most succulents can take my forgetfulness, they are my favorite indoor plant. (Outdoors I grow herbs. They forgive my lack of maintenance too.) So in case you find you’re a little like me – slightly crafty but lacking a green thumb – here are a few ideas to bring the outdoors in as the weather begins its journey into cold and dreary.
DIY Succulent Terrarium from BirdHouse Blog
Simple yet stylish, this DIY Succulent Terrarium from BirdHouse Blog will fit perfectly in your windowsill or on a bookshelf. It’s small size makes it practical for any room or perfecting for gifting someone else you know and love who is also lacking the much sought after “green thumb.” Keep it manageable and in its pot by pruning leaves as it over seeks its bounds. Plucked leaves can be rooted right into new soil for baby terrariums in every room.
DIY Succulent Table from Far Out Flora
If you’re in love with a rustic look, consider a bold approach and craft a DIY Succulent Table as a living room coffee table or side table. The size and dimensions are entirely up to you. But regardless of how large or small you go, this is one table sure to make a statement you’ll never grow tired of.
How to Make Modern Cement Planters Using Packaging from Re-Nest
You can make these small, yet practical Succulent Cement Planters by using recycled food packaging as your molds. They’re easy to make in batches as favors for events and are perfect for using as bookends. Go extra creative and spray paint the planters with chalk board paint for even more fun and a planter that is always customizable.
DIY: Book Planter with Succulents from Green Wedding Shoes
Whether you’re creating a wedding centerpiece or just want something incredibly unique to decorate your own home, these DIY Succulent Book Planters take the cake! Fill in around the succulents with moss and fake flowers for extra pizazz or a touch of color that matches your room’s decor.
Make a Living Succulent Picture from Better Homes & Gardens
Don’t have the space for pots? Hang (or prop) your succulent garden on the wall with this DIY tutorial from Better Homes & Gardens for making a Living Succulent Picture. Just water your creation on a flat surface once a month and make sure it sees a little sun from a nearby window. It’s instant art without the anguish of finding something that fits that hard to fit room and also makes for a great conversation piece.
What’s your favorite way to display your indoor plants?