Free Vintage Poison Printable Halloween Apothecary Labels

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Printable Apothecary Bottle Vintage Poison Labels for Halloween

Next month is Halloween, which for me means either window shopping for that perfect costume early or getting started on a DIY Halloween costume. I’m a little past due. Last year my son went out as a super creepy clown. (I skipped out.) And the year before that my boyfriend went out as Prince which won him top prize at a costume contest, while I was basically a Ramones groupie for a tribute concert. I really only went all out in 2010 when I wore a handmade and gently used Renaissance Pirate costume I scored for around $75 on Etsy. This year, I’m just as clueless as I was the past two years. I keep threatening to go out as a plague doctor with the beak-y bird mask, but Scott is not real hip on that idea.

American Horror Story Inspired Preserved Organs DIY – Basement Horrors in Mason JarsRegardless, I’ve put together a few fun Free Vintage Poison Printable Halloween Apothecary Labels for you to help make your Halloween decor extra sinister. (Even if your costume isn’t.) You can put these on apothecary jars, mason jars, tins or even beer or wine bottles. Stage them with a few jars of preserved organs or aliens and you’ll have the kids scared to death of what’s hiding in the basement! {Find out how to make these jars here.}

Printable Halloween Labels - Vintage Apothecary Bottle Poison Labels

These Vintage Poison Printable Halloween Apothecary Labels come in three designs with four of each label to a page. I think they look rather authentic printed in black and white onto full size Kraft sticker label sheets. {I got my Kraft sticker labels from World Label.} Once you’ve printed them it’s only a matter of figuring out where to put them. {Download these labels in PDF format here.} Where will you stick yours?

Things I Love Lately – DIY Crafts and Handmade Products I’m Ga Ga For

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I’m still not quite back into my regular routine of things since my vacation. And as I generally spend my weekends crafting and the weekdays blogging after my regular 9 to 5, I haven’t yet had a chance to whip up any new DIY projects or beauty recipes. While that means I’m just one short day away from giving those creative juices some time to run wild, it also means I won’t have any new bath and beauty recipes to share with you until the beginning of next week. But don’t fret. Life happens and as I’ve learned, it is what it is. In the meantime I hope you enjoy this little collection of diy crafts and handmade products that I’m a little ga ga over lately.

DIY Craft Projects I'm In Love with Lately - DIY Glitter Dipped Air Plant Holder, DIY Diorama Bookends, and DIY Vintage Book Tablet CoversDIY Craft Projects I Love Lately :: 1. DIY Glitter Dipped Air Plant Holder via 52 Weeks Project / 2. DIY Diorama Bookends via Sea of Shoes / 3. DIY Vintage Book Tablet Covers via Squirrel Junkie

Handmade products via etsy that I'm in love with lately - Creature cups, Hot air balloon gadget case, and totem animalsHandmade Products I Love Lately :: 1.  Creature Cup Set via Creature Cups / 2. Hot Air Balloon Gadget Case via Lazydoll / 3. Custom Baby Animal Totem via HandyMaiden

Unique Fun and Bright Handmade Products to Get Excited About - Moss Wars Terrarium, Stripey Pillow, and Washi Tape Cosmetic Pouch in Neon ColorsMore to Love Crafted By Hand :: 1. Princess Leia and Imperial Trooper Moss Terrarium via Moss Love Terrariums / 2 . Bright Multi-colored Stripey Accent Pillow via Geometric Electric / 3. Washi Tape Stripes Cosmetic Zipper Pouch via Allisa Jacobs

Which one is your favorite?

Customize Your Handmade Soaps, Lotions and Potions with Free Printable Labels

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What’s more fun than making your own bath and body products? Why labeling them, of course! Even if you haven’t quite mastered the skill of handcrafting your own handmade soaps, lotions and potions, you can still give store bought products your own special touch for gifting them on holidays and special occasions. Customizing your products and gifts is as simple as packaging them in a special way. Whether by wrapping them uniquely or just adding pretty labels! Following are a few free printable labels perfect for your apothecary bottles, handmade soaps and lotions.

D.I.Y. Vintage Apothecary Bottle Labels from Eat Drink Chic

These free printable, vintage apothecary labels from Eat Drink Chic are great for labeling bottles with or without product and giving them a retro look.

Bottle Labels for your Apothecary Products from

These fun printable apothecary bottle labels available for free download from were designed by Cathe Holden of Just Something I Made Blog. They are available in a colored version (pictured above) and in cream only. Even better, the downloads allow you to change the font size, type and color as well as create your own custom text. This makes these labels perfect for customizing for wedding or party favors or marking a special holiday.

Printable Vintage Labels from Miss CutiePie

I’m also a fan of these round, vintage style printable labels from Miss CutiePie. They’re perfect for labeling bottles, packages and round soaps.

For more links to free printable labels, visit my Printables Board on Pinterest.

Vintage Embroidery Compliments of Mom

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I ran across an old box with some of my mom’s embroidery in it the other day in the basement. Mom told me that she used to embroider between the ages of ten and fifteen – she’s 63 now – so I suppose that makes her work both handmade and vintage. The pieces have been sitting a while, I don’t think the ones I found were ever used, but they did get exposed to some dust and grime when my brother went digging for the larger pieces to use in his own home. What was left behind, I took photos of. They need to be laundered, but then I think I may use a few of the myself. I am particularly fond of the hankies.
Of course finding the pieces and quizzing mom on their age, led to a little more family history. Mom used to embroider as an adolescent and teen because she wasn’t fond of watching tv. She was first taught how to embroider using only x’s for the design (note the cherries in the photo above), and later learned more complicated techniques. In addition to embroidery, she also used to sew. Mom learned to sew on an old, vintage treadle sewing machine – the kind that is operated by foot. In fact, she’d planned on keeping that machine, but it got stored in a barn that leaked, and was basically destroyed after that from water damage. My mom’s mom, or rather my grandmother, used to sew for a living as a seamstress. She also made all of my mom’s dresses, her baby doll dresses, and even diapers for her baby dolls that wet themselves when you “fed” them.
Following are a few photos of my mom’s handmade, vintage embroidery that I am particularly fond of.
Vintage hand embroidered handkerchiefs.
Vintage hand embroidered table scarf.
Vintage hand embroidered sampler on scrap fabric.
Vintage hand embroidered sampler meant for framing.
Vintage hand embroidered table scarf or runner, folded.

If you’ve never tried your hand at embroidery, you should certainly give it a try. I haven’t gotten into it myself, but I’d like to embroider some pillow cases once I have extra funds and maybe even do a sampler in an embroidery hoop for hanging. I used to cross stitch when I was in adolescence, but I think embroidery lends itself to more endless possibilities, with the ability to go wherever your creativity and imagination take you.

If you’re looking to get started, I found a great site called Sarah’s Hand Embroidery Tutorials that teaches you all of the basic stitches, pattern darning, chicken scratch and more. There are photo illustrations for every step. Search for embroidery patterns online or purchase them from your favorite craft store. In the meantime, you can also check out my collection of  embroidery photographs on Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. I’ll be adding to my Embroidery Board as I discover new works I like.

Creating new from old. How to re-style dull accessories into something new.

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This lovely, handmade Vintage Ball Mason Jar Soap Dispenser (left) created by Whippoorwheel would make a great addition to your  rustic kitchen or bath. But you don’t have to buy one to own one of these beauties. Heather Bullard provides full DIY instructions on her blog for creating your own Mason Jar Soap Dispenser by combining an old mason jar, used pump soap bottle, two part epoxy and few tools. Click here for the full tutorial.
Looking for other great ways to re-use and re-style old or vintage pieces just lying around your home? Dress up a dull vase using Japanese Washi Tape or recreate boring dinnerware with Porcelain Paint Pens. I also love the idea of  re-purposing baby food jars into a Magnetic Spice Rack!