Quick & Easy DIY Washi Tape Holiday Gift Tags

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Cute, Quick and Simple DIY Washi Tape Holiday Gift Tags

Pressed for time wrapping those last minute handmade holiday gifts? Create these super cute and simple DIY gift tags and give your Christmas presents a beautiful handmade touch that looks anything but rushed using paper scraps and washi tape!

Cute and Simple Washi Tape Gift Tags

For this holiday gift tag I used an eco-friendly paper scrap left over from an Artterro craft kit – it was gray on one side and patterned on the other – and Pink Cherry Blossom Snowflake Japanese Washi Tape and Baby Blue Silver Corner Japanese Washi Tape both from Cute Tape.

I simply cut out a tag shape from the paper then covered one side completely with the cherry blossom washi tape. Then I cut out a rectangle from the same scrap paper and applied a white sticker from a sticker label sheet to the front and added a border and my gift recipient info with a fine point Sharpie marker. I then adhered this rectangle to the tag with two corners of tape cut out from the Blue Silver Corner washi tape. A small hole punch was used to attach the baker’s twine by looping it through the hole.

Handmade with Love Gift Tag DIY

As the back of my scrap paper was patterned I didn’t need to add washi tape to the back. However, if you are using a solid colored paper, you can add strips of the Blue Silver Corner washi tape to completely cover the back of your tag. I then cut out the words from a Handmade with Love sticker label and added this to the back of the tag.

The resulting tags would also be adorable later on after the gifts have been opened in a Christmas themed scrapbook that highlights your family’s holiday memories!

DIY Washi Tape Wrapping Paper for Small Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

You can also use washi tape to create custom wrapping paper for small gifts and stocking stuffers – like homemade soaps! This Striped Half Circle Washi Tape is perfect for winter birthdays as well as Christmas. Simply match up strips of washi tape along a sheet of blank paper.

Washi Tape Ornaments

For Christmas gifts give your wrapping paper a holiday look by drawing hooks onto each circle to create Christmas tree ornaments.

Easy DIY Washi Tape Wrapping Paper

Then cut your wrapping paper to fit the gift and wrap!

For more cute DIY gift wrap ideas, be sure to follow my Pretty Packaging board on Pinterest!


Beautiful DIY Gift Wrap – Homemade Wrapping Paper for Valentine’s Day

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DIY Gift Wrap - Homemade Wrapping Paper for Valentine's Day - Easy to Make, Beautiful to Gift
Looking for a simple way to create beautiful, handmade wrapping paper without a lot of fuss? Then check out ecosalon’s diy tutorial for printmaking with rolling pins! All you need is a classic wood rolling pin,craft foam,spray adhesive, scissors, masking tape, rubber bands, a piece of acrylic and some printing ink or acrylic paints. Then just cut your foam into the shapes of your choosing – think hearts for Valentine’s Day! – and adhere to the rolling pin and you’ll be on your way to rolling out hand printed gift wrap and cards! This is a great way to dress up plain paper that lacks pizazz or even upcycling the back side of printer paper, newpaper, even old Christmas wrapping paper that you thought you couldn’t use until the end of the year! View the step by step tutorial here.
Do you give gifts for Valentine’s Day, go out for dinner, have a lovely evening in, or just skip this holiday all together?

DIY Printable Holiday Gift Wrap and Gift Tags

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My Christmas tree is up and all that’s left are the gifts! I’m still working on my holiday shopping, but once that’s done all that’s left is wrapping presents! My mom has traditionally waited until Christmas Eve to wrap gifts, sometimes staying up into the wee hours of the morning to finish. I, on the other hand, like to wrap everything well before the big day and use – from what I am told – an excessive amount of tape. Of course I also love different papers and ribbons and bows! If you’re looking to fill not just your tree, but also the space below it with the prettiest packages ever, then take a peek at these lovely DIY gift wrap ideas!

DIY Printable Holiday Gift Wrap and Gift Tags

1. A Collection of Round Red Printable Gift Tags from Lovely Design | 2. Wooly Woodland Printable Gift Wrap from ellinee journal | 3. Simple Printable Holiday Gift Tags from Kelly Stahley | 4. Printable Christmas Patterned Papers from Craft and Creativity | 5. Printable Doilies and Kraft Paper Wrapping Paper from daily suze | 6. Printable Pink Gift Wrap Sheets and Tags + DIY Cinnamon Salt Dough Ornaments from Domestifluff | 7. Printable Holiday Season Wrapping Paper from bloesem living | 8. Printable Winter Branches Wrapping Paper, Card and Gift Wrap from Gift Wrap It

DIY Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas and Christmas Printables - Printable Gift Wrap and Gift Tags

1. Toilet Roll Pillow Box DIY from Heart Handmade UK | Printable Christmas Wrapper Strips from the pretty blog | 3. DIY Wine Bottle Gift Wrap from Fancy Free Me | 4. Using Wrapping Paper to Make DIY Decorative Tape from Country Living | 5. Glitzy Gift Wrap Boxes Idea from A Bit East-Coast | 6. Printable Gift Tags from Hello! Lucky | 7. Printable Gift Tags from Hey Look | 8. Colorful Striped Wrapping Paper from ellinee journal

Want more gift wrap ideas? Then check out these other great ideas from Soap Deli NewsDIY Handmade Holiday Gift Guide with Gift Wrap Ideas and a Printable DIY 2013 Calendar and Gift Wrap/Gift Tags. Also be sure to check out my Pretty Packaging Board and my Printables Board on Pinterest for more fabulous printable holiday gift tags!


Printable Valentine’s Day Gift Wrap

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Oh my, Valentine! Valentine’s Day will be upon us in around six short weeks, so now is the time to start crafting clever diy gifts or perhaps browsing to buy something special. I like to recommend shopping handmade whenever possible for a truly unique gift that’s sure to be treasured. But of course, no gift is complete without the appropriate gift wrap. So I’ve drawn up some fun designs for printable Valentine’s Day gift wrap and gift tags to make your packages extra special! These wrapping papers are perfect for small gifts such as handmade soaps, gift cards, and jewelry!

This printable Valentine’s Day gift wrap and gift tags set features carved stumps, doxies and pastel hearts. Get creative and add additional elements to your packages such as ribbon, yarn, twine, cardstock tags, bark, and even live foliage.

You can download my printable Valentine’s day gift wrap and tags as a pdf file here. Print, cut, wrap and gift. Feel free to use these downloads for your personal, non-commercial use.

Will you be making gifts for Valentine’s Day this year or giving the gift of handmade?


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