Rain rain go away, enjoy a flower inside today!

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It’s another rainy Saturday afternoon, but I suppose that’s April for you. After all, we can’t have May flowers without a few April showers. My dad planted the tomato plants I bought him yesterday so they’d get a good soaking today. They were already blooming and a good two and a half feet high. Still, while the rain helps all those gorgeous flowers and crops grow, it is quite dreary when you’ve just spent a week enjoying the sun and the slowly developing warmer weather.
I have really enjoyed all of the new spring flowers popping up since early spring. Pictured above are some of my mom’s tulips I photographed last week. I took the shot outside in the middle of the afternoon – note the sun glinting off the leaves and petals – but ended up with what I think looks more like a studio shot. I love how it turned out and I didn’t use any Photoshop. I mean, really, isn’t that sort of cheating? To me Photoshop separates the photographer from the digital artist. Both are fabulous and necessary but each have their own skill set.
Anyhow, it’s days like these that make me wish I’d thought to pick a bouquet before the rain started falling. Fortunately, I found this awesome diy project for crafting a bouquet that never dies.
Hooray Blog has a beautiful tutorial for making these billy button flowers (pictured above.) You can create them yourself with a handful of dried flower balls from the craft store, some wire sticks, and floral tape. And the really fabulous part? Once you craft them they never die. Plus they look quite cheerful no matter the weather outside!

A special limited edition Bayberry Shea Butter Soap.

I may receive compensation from links on this site. See my disclosure policy.

Yesterday my niece, Maddie, and I made a batch of Bayberry scented glycerin soap with orange, hot toddy scented cold process soap balls inside. Maddie is in kindergarten.
Here Maddie is mixing the all natural, glycerin soap base as it melts. She also stirred in the bayberry fragrance.
Maddie is carefully adding the orange soap balls to the poured soap.
I help pull Maddie’s hair back as she places the orange soap balls so her hair doesn’t get in the soap.

The completed soap after I unmolded it and cut it into bars.

This limited edition handmade, Glycerin Bayberry Shea Butter Soap is the perfect scent for the Christmas holiday! The decorative yellow and orange soap is scented with a blend of bayberry, lavender, fir needle, clove and camphor melded into a balsam base. Bayberry is a unisex scent making it suitable for both men and women. It is strongly scented so you are left with a light fragrance on your skin afterward. This soap rinses cleanly away and is all natural except for the fragrance. Made from an all natural, glycerin shea butter soap base, this soap contains orange balls of cold process, shea butter Hot Toddy Soap.