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Goat Buttermilk & Honey Soap

March 12, 2009
By Susanne
A lot of people use goat milk in their soap or butter milk and I happened to walk into some goat buttermilk at the supermarket… That I had to try!
For this soap I used
575 g (57,5%) beef tallow
250 g (25%) sunflower seed oil
125 g (12,5%) coconut oil
50 (5%) castor oil

335 g goat buttermilk
137 g lye at 5% discount

Add the lye to the slushy-frozen (goat) butter milk. To keep the color of the soap as light as possible keep the lye container in an ice-bath as well. Prepare recipe as usual (I do DBHP). After cook add warmed honey at 2.5 % of the amount of oils. For the amounts given above this would be 25 g. Some shredded calendula petals make nice speckels in the soap.

The combination of the buttermilk and the honey made the soap a very warm golden yellow. I didn’t use any coloring or scent, the honey makes it quite sweet smelling though. Lather is really great and leaves my skin very soft.

This recipe makes 10 bars of 110 g / 4 oz each.

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