Lemongrass, Green Tea + Oatmeal Soap – Cold Process Recipe

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Lemongrass, Green Tea, & Oatmeal Soap

30 oz Olive Oil
7 oz Vegetable Shortening
9 oz Soybean oil17.5 oz Green tea (make using distilled water and allow to cool completely.)
6.2 oz lye

1 Cup ground oatmeal ( grind in blender)
10 Green tea with Lemon tea bags (remove loose tea from bags)
1 oz. Lemongrass essential oil

Melt shortening with other oils into a large stainless steel pot just to melting point. Remove from heat and allow to cool to about 95 degrees. In a separate container, very slowly add lye to 17.5 oz. of tea water while stirring continuously. Allow tea-lye water to cool before mixing into oils, then slowly stir in lye-tea water. Blend thoroughly with a stick blender until trace. At trace, add 1 oz. Lemongrass Essential oil, all ten Green Tea with Lemon tea bags, and 1 cup ground Oatmeal. Mix well and then pour into molds. Cover. Unmold after 24 to 48 hours. Allow to cure several weeks.

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You can buy ingredients for this project from Mountain Rose Herbs.

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  1. How many pounds does this recipe make?

  2. This soap sounds divine! Thank you so much for the recipe.. looks easy enough! How many days exactly do you leave the soap to cure? What happens if you remove the mould too soon? Can you still use the soap??

  3. Paula Rudder says

    Recipe sounds amazing! Your measurements are they volume ozs, or weight ozs/ Thanks for letting me know.

  4. Is there anything I can substitute for the soybean oil? I can’t find any at my local stores.

    • You can sub any similar oil – olive or rice bran, even grapeseed oil – just be sure to run amounts back through a lye calc as this may change based on the SAP value of the oil you use to substitute.