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Peaches + Cream Handmilled Beauty Soap

March 12, 2009
Recipe compliments of Kitchen, Crafts, n More.
This wonderful soap is delicately scented, and is beautiful to look at. Use a variety of different molds to make it really special. You can give this as gifts or use it yourself everyday! You don’t have to know how to make soap from scratch to make this soap, and you don’t have to use scary ingredients like lye! (Which many people are uncomfortable with.) Enjoy!
Makes One Bar.
1 regular size bar Ivory soap (Or Unscented Handmade Soap)
1/4 cup distilled water
1/4 cup full-fat powdered milk
1/8 teaspoon peach fragrance oil
1 drop orange food coloring
soap molds
Prepare your soap molds: Spray a very light coat of vegetable cooking spray over the molds, and set aside. You can use any molds you like, or you can buy molds made specifically for soap at your favorite craft store.
Shred or grate the soap. If you don’t want to use your grater to shred the soap, use a sharp knife and cut into very tiny pieces. Ivory is used because it’s very natural (we all know the commercials – 99.9% pure!). Set grated soap aside.
Heat the water over very low heat, and gradually stir in the soap until it begins to melt. Remove pan from heat, and add all other ingredients. Blend very well, until you have a nice, smooth mixture.
Pour the soap into the molds. Tap gently on the side to rid the soap of any bubbles. Allow to set for about a day before using.
(You can give your soap some decorative flair by adding uncolored soap balls once you’ve poured the soap into the mold. Simply press them in after pouring.)


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