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Rosemary Dill Hand Soap Recipe

March 12, 2009
Recipe from Glenbrook Farms.
This handmade soap recipe is great for using in the kitchen to rid hands of stinky garlic or onion smells.

4 oz Sweet Almond Oil
6 oz Coconut Oil
12 oz Olive Oil
10 oz Palm Oil

12 oz Distilled water
4.4 oz Lye granules – USE WITH CAUTION
1 T Ground rosemary
1/2 T Dill c/s
1/2 T Coffee grounds
1 T Rosemary essential oil
Instructions: Follow basic soap-making instructions. Measure water and add lye to the water. Safety glasses and rubber gloves are a must. Allow this to cool to 100 degrees F. Measure out oils, reserving 1/2 ounce of the sweet almond oil. Set the sweet almond oil to the side.
Gently heat oils together. Add the essential oil to the reserved 1/2 ounce sweet almond oil.
When the oils have cooled to 100 degrees F then slowly add the lye solution to the oils, stirring constantly.
Of course you have your safety glasses on and your rubber gloves!
Stir mixture until it traces, which means it has thicken and you can run a line of mix across the top of the solution and it stays. This will remind you of pudding. Now quickly add the sweet almond oil with the essential oil in it. Add the rosemary, dill, and coffee grounds.
Pour into your mold and cover with a towel to keep heat in.
In 24 hours you will have soap.
Un-mold and let cure for 3 weeks. Makes six bars.
Caution: Lye is very dangerous and so is the raw soap. Keep children and animals away while you make soap. Store lye out of reach of children and animals.
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