A Crafty Weekend on the Roanoke City Market

June 13, 2010
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It was a crafty weekend on the Roanoke City Market. The Science Museum of Western Virginia was offering free admission so there was face painting just outside their doors. My friend Linda Jo had her face painted in lovely shades of aqua blue.
Here she is all made up sipping out of her jolly handmade mug. It has boobs. How fun is that!?
This is my friend, Dave. Dave worked on sewing a handmade gun holster while his wife, Kyle, sold their cheese platters made from recycled wine bottles. He’s gotten quite good at his leather work lately and has been working on custom gun holsters, leather belts, and even leather purses for his wife.
Rudy Saunders worked on crafting a walking stick on the market while his wife Deborah sold some of their handmade jewelry, purses, and Rudy’s handcrafted birdhouses.
Jerry took a break from selling his hand painted signs and cinnamon scented pine cones to play a game of solitaire. A sign stating “Running on Floyd Time” is a local favorite.
This man, pictured above, is temporarily stuck in Roanoke and is trying to work his way back home to Florida by playing his songs. He was strolling the market on Friday taking the time out to sing for people who were willing to listen. Tips were optional. He swore to me he’d be famous some day and that he was going to copyright his songs. He played an awesome original for me called “Moonshine.” He really is a sensational singer.
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