Annual Sidewalk Art Show in Downtown Roanoke

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I was able to visit the 52nd Annual Sidewalk Art Show in downtown Roanoke yesterday with clear skies and warm weather! There were 120 artists at this year’s show from as far as Florida to Canada, but the one artist I really wanted to see is a Roanoke local. I’m a huge fan of the works by Scott ToObz Noel, and I just couldn’t pass up seeing him again this year. Last year I bought a fabulous oil painting from him, so this year I just had to do the same. The piece, below, is titled “Running Paynes” and is spray paint on canvas. I love how introspective it seems.

I really got a kick out this three dimensional painting created by Kurt Kindermann of Bedford, VA. It’s suitably titled, “Rabbits (the story of you.)”

And we’re off to the races! I was quite impressed with these sculptural paintings by Ned Moulton. Created from wood pieces and then hand painted, Ned paints not only lively horses, but also hungry hippos and tall giraffes.

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