Make a skin nourishing salve.

July 27, 2010
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Herban Lifestyle blog has a wonderful tutorial on making your own skin nourishing salve. The recipe calls for plantain and violet leaves which can be found growing wild in most lawns.

My lawn in particular has violets growing like crazy, but they’re always so beautiful when they bloom so there’s no sense in getting rid of them. The leaves of both of these plants have wonderful skin nourishing properties, so an herbal oil infusion of these two plants make up part of the base of this salve. The finished product can be used for insect bites, minor itching and irritation, minor cuts, and also as a nipple cream for those of you who may be the lucky recipient of a newborn. You can find the full recipe for this salve here. (Be sure to check out Mountain Rose Herbs for other organic ingredients you may need.)

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