Mineral makeup trends. Creating your own personal color style.

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Mineral makeup has become the new alternative to traditional store bought cosmetics. Not only are major cosmetic companies jumping on the bandwagon, but small businesses are forming everyday creating their own handmade versions of eye shadows, foundations, and lip colors as a natural alternative to chemical laden cosmetic brands.

rainbow eyes, originally uploaded by Erinna.

With a little practice and some basic ingredients you too can create your own custom color eye shadows. Point of Interest Blog provides multiple tutorials on how to make your own mineral makeup. From explaining the basic ingredients that go into the recipe to creating that first eye shadow, Point of Interest gives you recipes and tips for creating eye shadows in a variety of basic colors along with a run down of the basic cost of supplies to get started. There are also recipes for making foundations, lip colors and more. To get started on making your own eye shadows, visit this page. Links to the follow up tutorials are listed in the comment section. You can view all of the tutorials by clicking here. Click on older posts to continue viewing all articles. There are approximately 72 in all.

Aside of the mineral makeup basics, there are also things like primers and sealants to help your makeup look it’s best and stay put throughout the day. You can experiment with creating these type of products as well or you can purchase them from other companies who specialize in handcrafted mineral makeup. The All Natural Face makes a Vegan Eye Shadow Primer that is applied to your lid before applying your shadow and eye liner. Not only does it help your shadow to stay put but it also gives you more freedom to blend your shadows and build up a nice bold color. Their Seal It Eye Shadow/Eye Liner Sealant is a natural alternative to keeping your eye shadow and liner smudge proof and in place all day while giving your shadows a foiled, wet look. Both products are excellent. My favorite eye shadow shade from The All Natural Face is Lemon Ice. It’s lovely as a highlight color on my brow bone with a pretty shade of pink on my lids.

Do you currently use mineral makeup? What is your favorite brand(s) and color(s)?

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  1. I rarely wear makeup, but when I do, I do have mineral makeup that I purchased from indie seller – a long while ago and if I ever want more I’ll do the same. Then again … maybe I’ll make my own!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great find! I was *this* close to starting MMU a few years ago but didn’t due to time/space restraits. Now I wish I had.

  3. Hi! I use handmade mineral makeup all the time, it’s all I ever use!

    In fact, I buy all of my makeup from The All Natural Face!

    I use her golden brown eyeshadow, and Pink Ice Storm to add a sparkly highlight on the brow bone.

    I also use her black eyeliner, and depending on what mood I’m in I sometimes use the powder eyeliner, and sometimes the gel.

    For eyeshadow I use Ivory Rose and a Light Tan mixed together, and her Petal Pink Veil.

    I can’t remember what color the blush I use is though, I’ve still got samples of that and haven’t bought a full size.

    I love her makeup, it’s so good!

    Thanks for sharing the post.