Tequila? Agave? Lime? Margarita?

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I very recently made a new salt bar soap that is scented with agave lime. My intention was to name it lime margarita. However, the scent is not quite limey enough to pull off this name. So I tried searching key words to see if I could come up with something creative to name this new soap. I typed in words like lime, margarita, tequila, salt, agave, and Mexico. I still haven’t come up with a name, but I did stumble across a great recipe for making Lavender Margaritas.
Lavender Margarita, Photo Credit Taste Spotting
This complex recipe calls for tequila, blue curacao, coconut milk, lime juice, raspberries, blueberries, sugar, ice and dried lavender blossoms. It’s the perfect drink for summer! You can find the complete recipe for this alcoholic drink at MyRecipes.com. Also be sure to stop by Taste Spotting to browse for more great food and drink ideas by picture! Taste Spotting allows users to create a profile to share their own food photos or to heart their favorites.
Meanwhile, if you can think of a creative name for my new soap and comment with it here, I’ll send you a free bar of this new soap if I choose to use your name! The soap scent is a shimmering citrus blend of lime, lemon, and orange essential oils highlighted by accents of liquid ozone. Tropical floral notes and exotic agave greens balance out this fragrance, while musk and sandalwood add a subtle background scent.
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  1. I think you should call it Lime Breeze- since the lime isn’t strong… or Sub-lime!! lol!! <3 A

  2. soapdeli says

    I love your shop! Those owl key chains are awesome! I may have to get one once I have extra funds!

  3. Lime Nectar

  4. Hmm…how about Citrus Appeal (play on “citrus peel”, get it?) 🙂

  5. 1. After Hours Bar
    2. Saturated Citrus
    3. Prolific Appeal
    4. Frosted Juice Cocktail

    ooooh, it sounds soooo good:O)

    jo at productbody dot com