When guinea pigs fly, smiles happen.

July 18, 2010
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Who cares if plain old pigs fly; what we want to see is guinea pigs fly! When Guinea Pigs Fly is a shop that celebrates the completely adorable but sadly often overlooked and misunderstood guinea pig. Humble, squeaky, fat, always hungry and so cute, When Guinea Pigs Fly is owned by artist Lesley of Burlington, MA. Her indie shop is full of guinea pig artwork and other cute animals that are created to spread smiles to others and live happily in your home.
Frustrated by the lack of art and resources for guinea pig fans on the internet, Lesley soon became aware that not enough people are aware of these fabulous little piggies. Nor can many people actually tell the difference between a guinea pig and a hamster. Worse yet, she discovered, many guinea pig owners do not even know many of the basics for proper guinea pig care. These reasons, combined with Lesley’s love for art in general and her love for her own guinea pigs Gus and Max, sparked the development of her shop – When Guinea Pigs Fly. Lesley, however, doesn’t solely focus on drawing and painting guinea pigs. She has also been working toward including even more animals including otters, hippos, an elephant, and a chipmunk.

When not drawing and painting, Lesley serves as proud music director, composer and accompanist for Cellar Door Productions, a Greater Boston theatre company.

Be sure to visit When Guinea Pigs Fly to add a fun addition to your home.


  • Lesley

    July 18, 2010 at 3:13 am

    Aw Rebecca thank you so much for featuring my shop! I am absolutely tickled. What a wonderful surprise and much luck to you with your soaps! They look so yummy : )

    xoxo Lesley

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