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Don’t be a stinker!

August 10, 2010
Our neighborhood is a haven for skunks. At least once a week you can smell them lurking around, probably ticked off by a neighbor’s dog or a car that cut too close. Last week I was taking my miniature doxie, Jasper, out for a 3am pee just as a fat and happy skunk came waddling down the driveway. Needless to say Jasper and I both went back the way we came and I ended up taking him out at the back of the house. Despite their distinctive and downright disgusting odor, there seems to be a niche market for those with a fascination for skunks. From amusing stuffed animals to home decor to clothing and costumes to art, these woodland creatures might actually be charming if they didn’t smell so bad.
Of course, we ourselves, don’t like to smell bad either. So we tackle the dirt with soaps and body washes, and of course deodorant. Not all deodorants are created equal though, and many of us are becoming more consciousness about what type of ingredients we put on our skin. There’s long been a debate about the use of aluminum in antiperspirant, but finding a deodorant that can kick the stink? Well, that can sometimes be a challenge. So here’s a simple, handmade Quick Stick Deodorant recipe from Little House in the Suburbs Blog. Just click here for the full how to. It’s made using natural baking soda, cornstarch, tea tree essential oil, and a tiny bit of coconut oil pressed into an empty deodorant container. Now you can wear a natural deodorant and not be a stinker.
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