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Crafting for the crafter.

September 17, 2010
As fall approaches, those us who craft kick into high gear preparing for the winter holiday season. Often times, this means selling on farmer’s markets and at craft shows. It was by pure luck that I stumbled across this awesome design for a market/craft apron.
This super cute apron was designed by Liz Johnson of sew4home™ blog. It’s stylish design makes it fun to wear, and the handy pockets and clip help you keep everything together. Just visit sew4home™ for the free sewing pattern.
Of course, after a long day at the fair, or slaving in your craft room, you’re bound to be tired. Make sure you get plenty of rest with this What’s New Pussycat? Sleep Mask from wolf and willow blog. The super simple pattern for this mask makes a long day’s work seem like a sweet revival.
And finally, indulge after a dinner with a tasty treat of handmade lemon-lime filled macaroons. A girl’s bound to be hungry after a long day of work. So what better way to keep us sweet than with some delicious cookies that are both pretty and tasty?
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