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Make your holiday a success.

November 9, 2010
A handmade Christmas full of DIY projects that you can make and give! This post is a continuation of gifts you can make spun off of the original blog post 1.) Preparing for the upcoming holiday season: Christmas planner and handmade gift ideas. and it’s consort 2.) Crafting your way into Christmas.
Create your own DIY clay gift tags for giving your holiday packages a unique and personalized touch. The gift tags can then be used by the recipients year after year as Christmas tree ornaments.
Make a cone advent calendar for your family to enjoy before the big day! Tuck a tiny treat into each cone for your children to discover.
Besides being fashionable, these textured string bracelets are a great way to use up leftover string from craft projects.
Is your friend a fan of sushi? Gift a handmade Chopsticks Wrap with a new pair of chopsticks!
Big, bold necklaces are all the rave. Craft your own Yo Yo Necklace from easy to sew yo yo’s in any print and color!
80’s fashion has reemerged, and with it, friendship bracelets! Craft a handful for your school aged children to show off after Christmas break!
These origami box ornaments would look perfect on a tree! Tuck a tiny gift inside then hang them on your Christmas tree until the big day!
These unique drawer hangers make recycling fun and serve as a year round functional accessory.
Give thanks to someone who has been a blessing in your life. Visit I Love It All Blog for an array of thankful project ideas and printable downloads.


  • mienkintoshfairie

    November 10, 2010 at 3:03 am

    I try to do little things like this each year but they never seem to make to the used phase…oh well I guess, it is still fun to make them 🙂

  • Moe

    November 14, 2010 at 7:35 am

    Some really cool ideas! I saw you on the etsy forums & popped over here to see your blog. Love the inspiration! I am now following you 🙂

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