Handmade gift ideas for the crafty soul.

December 2, 2010
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Make your holiday special this year by crafting some of these handmade gifts.
1. For the cook. Make potholders using this tutorial from A Steno Pad for My Thoughts. Tie each potholder off with a printed recipe card containing your favorite holiday recipe.
2. For the seamstress. Sew a Little Letter Needle Book. It’s cute design makes it the perfect novelty gift for the crafty girl who loves to sew.

 3. For the gardener. Make a pair of gardening gloves then gift them in a clay pot along with a trowel and some seeds.

4. For the bird watcher. Paint a plain, wooden bird house, add a few embellishments, and clock parts for a fun and imaginative Cuckoo Clock.

5. For the girly girl who loves hair and make up, craft one of these emery board holders. Include a gift card to a local spa and a snazzy bottle of nail polish.

6. For women that enjoy a feminine touch to their home decor, paint and embroider a lovely set of Lazy Daisy Pillow Cases.

7. For mothers, craft a pea pod necklace. Then package it in a printable seed packet for a fun touch.

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