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So, I guess it’s time to fess up I quit going to the gym. It’s not that I couldn’t cut it, but really, I prefer to do things quietly in the fortitude of my own home. Plus, if I had my significant other tell me how to breath properly one more time, it was going to bring our newly mended relationship to a crumbling halt. Okay, yeah. I breath wrong. I breath in during the hard part and out during the easy part. If I still hurt the next day, you can’t tell me exercise doesn’t work if I’m breathing wrong. Just saying.
Anyhow, the day after I posted an article with a few gardening projects I stumbled across another I just wanted to share. It’s an indoor project, but it’s simple, sweet and can be made for yourself or even by the kids as a Mother’s Day gift. It’s suggested as a project for wedding favors, but I’m staying far away from those for a very long long time. Divorce tends to make weddings scary even if you didn’t actually have a wedding your first go round.
So here’s the super sweet DIY craft project for making your own Vertical Terrarium Wall Garden Favors from Ruffled Blog. These tiny terrariums require just a tin, a bit of gravel  and charcoal, and your favorite succulent, air plant, or cactus. The tins are already magnetic saving you extra glue and hassle. They run $4.99 a three pack from Ikea, but if you have a stock of heavy duty magnets and glue at home from your other crafty endeavors then just aim for a less expensive tin. If you like the idea of a terrarium, but want something a little more substantial, then check out my craft project here for making your own terrarium. It’s the same basic idea with a lot more room for plant choice and personalization.
I seem to have plenty of moss growing out back on my dad’s old shed should you need a hand at finding some. Apparently moss loves old roofing shingles situated under shady trees. Who would have guessed?
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  1. Unfortunately, I totally hear you about the gym issue… my bf used to be a personal trainer, and I apparently have issues taking direction from him, because whenever we work out together I suddenly turn into an incompetent, klutzy weakling and invariably start crying… I think I just can’t stand not being proficient at something in front of him. We both work out at home now anyway – we bought a small set of weights and an exercise ball – and other than the first session when he just showed me what to do, he’s not allowed near the room when I exercise. It seems to be working out for now…

  2. Victoria, it makes me feel SO much better for you to say this. It’s always good to know you’re not the only one. Incidentally, I can breathe “correctly” whenever the bf is not around.

  3. I quit going to the gym, too, but not because I wasn’t breathing right. I bought a treadmill and use that instead. I’ve lost a little weight since I did and saved a bit of money not driving back and forth (not to mention the membership fees).
    As for not breathing right, don’t exercise with him or with him in the room. Less aggrevation in your life.

  4. What a cute terrarium idea. 🙂 Thanks for sharing it!

  5. Thesea re very nice!

  6. I love the cute little terrarium! Thanks for sharing!

    Boys can be so annoying sometimes 😛

  7. That is a completely valid reason to stop going to the gym.

    I prefer to workout at home too, less time consuming than the gym, and there are a ton of free workout videos on direct tv.

  8. I love that terrarium. What a clever idea.

  9. how cool is this!!!!
    you rock girl:)