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How to make custom lip balm – Easy DIY lip balm recipes to get you started.

May 29, 2011
Have you ever wanted to make your own lip balms? Making lip balms is easy, although it can be a bit messy as well. The reward is well worth the clean up though!
iMake Blog has a wonderful lip balm tutorial for crafting your own custom lip balms in the amount you need. Quantities of ingredients are listed in ratios so you can make as much or as little as you like, and by varying ratios you can make a harder or softer lip balm.
When choosing your flavoring or scent for your lip balm there are several things to remember. If you are using essential oils be sure you buy and use only essential oils that are safe for lips. Your supplier should mention whether or not they are suitable for use in lip balms. These essential oils should be Certified 100% Pure. Additionally, you’ll not want to scent your lip balm batch with more than 1% essential oils to your batch’s total weight.
Flavor fragrances or flavor oils as well should be specified for use in lip balms. Don’t use regular fragrance oils in your lip balms. As with the essential oils, usage of flavor fragrances should consist of no more than 1% of your total recipe while generally with flavor oils you can use .4 – 4%. Using too much of a flavor oil can make your balms bitter, so be precise! You can also buy sweetener for your lip balms which should be used at 1-2% of your recipe should your flavor oil come unsweetened.
For the Homemade Lip Balm Tutorial from iMake Blog, click here.
Lip Balm
If you’re looking for more specific lip balm recipes, then you may want to check out these articles on Soap Deli News Blog.

Are you a lip balm junkie? If so, what’s your favorite flavor?


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