Coconut Body Whip Recipe – Things You Can Make with Coconut Oil

July 21, 2011
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Coconut oil is an amazing product. Not only can you use it for cooking – like in this great recipe for homemade, organic Elephant Ears – but it’s also perfect for bath and body products. In soapmaking, coconut oil helps to create a fluffy lather; in skin care products it lends its moisturizing properties.
Coconut Body Whip from Phemomenon Blog
If you’re looking to make your own bath and body products using coconut oil to give this oil a try, you may want to start with the Coconut Body Whip Recipe from Phemomenon Blog. The recipe yields a 1/3 cup of lotion from a coconut oil base and serves as a great recipe for beginners as there are no advanced techniques. Just melt, mix, and strain. Keep in the fridge after making and enjoy it on your sunburn as an after sun lotion.


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