Essential Oil Blend for Acne

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Acne an issue? Mix up a homemade anti-acne essential oil blend to help target and heal acne blemishes!

Simply combine 1oz. castor oil – you can also substitute any carrier oil such as jojoba or even fractionated coconut oil as they are non-greasy feeling – 4 of drops tea tree oil, 3 drops of lavender essential oil, 6 drops of rosemary essential oil, and 3 drops lemon essential oil in a glass container and mix well. This combination of tea tree, rosemary, lavender and lemon essential oils are known for their ability to fight acne due to their antiseptic properties, while lavender’s anti-inflammatory properties help to ease redness and speed healing. Apply a small amount to affected area as needed with your fingertips or a cotton swap as needed as a spot treatment.

I also recommend apple cider vinegar for tough acne. Simply combine one part apple cider vinegar, one part witch hazel, and three parts green tea and mix well. Spritz on face or apply with a cotton ball as a toner after washing your face.

For quality, organic essential oils, I recommend shopping with Mountain Rose Herbs.

What types of natural products do you use as part of your face care regimen?

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  1. Those are great tips. Never knew about the apple cider vinegar one…but sounds great.

    Hope you had a great weekend.

  2. Patchouli is also a great essential oil to fight acne.

  3. Where would I get the green tea? I’m a newbie & I’m not sure if you mean just plain brewed green tea.

  4. You can use any good quality loose leaf green tea. Same as what you drink!

  5. I use tea tree oil in a mixture of warm water and put a small hand towel or face cleaning pad in it and massage my face with it. It works great.

  6. If I don’t have lemon EO, should I replace it with white grapefruit? sweet orange? litsea cubeba? or peppermint EO? and will it function the same?

    by the way, how do we use this blend you suggested above? tap on the spot after cleaning at night? or tap and raise with warm water?