Handmade Christmas Cards – Make them. Share them. Store them.

November 8, 2011
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The holiday season is underway! And if you’re planning for a DIY Christmas and haven’t started making gifts yet, now is the time! While you’re making gifts though, don’t forget the Christmas and Hanukkah cards! Handmade Christmas cards are a nice touch and they are easy to make with some cardstock, scrapbooking papers, and little bit of glue. MyDIYChat has seven great ideas for crafting your own handmade holiday Christmas greeting cards from scrapbooking materials.
Christmas Cards from Simply Radiant Blog
But if you want to get extra creative, consider a spin off traditional paper greeting cards. I’m in love with the boxed Christmas cards (pictured above) from Simply Radiant. Rather than using a paper card, the family instead took photos of them in a photo booth – one for every recipient – then tucked them into jewelry boxes with candy peppermints and shipped them via the postal service like tiny gifts to friends and family.
DIY Christmas Card Holder from According to Kelly Blog
While I’m sure you’ll be busy crafting Christmas cards, don’t forget you’ll need a way to display all of the cards you receive throughout the holiday season. According to Kelly Blog has a super cute tutorial for making a DIY Wreath Christmas Card Holder. Made from a large embroidery hoop, some ribbon, clothespins, scrapbooking papers (this is a great time to use up those scraps), and a bit of hot glue, this Christmas card holder is not only easy to make, but looks great anywhere in your home for displaying your favorite cards from loved ones.
Greeting Card Organizer from Design*Sponge Blog
In case you get a little carried away with your handmade cards and make a few too many, then why not go even further and craft a DIY greeting card organizer? Not only will it give you a handy place to store your seasonal greeting cards for next year, but also to keep any other cards you may craft along the way for weddings, birthdays, and thank you’s!

Will you be sending out handmade cards this holiday season?

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