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Handmade DIY Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

December 22, 2011
If you’re like my mother, you’re up at 3am the night before Christmas wrapping gifts. But just because you wrap at the last minute – hey, we women do a lot! – it doesn’t mean your gifts can’t look their best. Here are a few inspirational gift wrap ideas so your gifts look like winners on the outside as well as the inside!
1. Craft paper. String. Paint pen. Fresh foliage. You can probably dig these things out of a craft box somewhere. Plus it’s eco-friendly if you recycle! Source: Project Wedding
2. Print up your favorite photos onto copy paper for a personalized look. Source: Photojojo
3. Stash your gift inside a brown paper bag – a book or handmade journal perhaps? – and tie with skinny ribbon and handmade paper candies. Source: Sugar and Charm
4. Create beautiful gift wrap with a three-dimensional effect from patterned cardstock. Source: Lifestyle Crafts
5. Handstamp clothespins to “tie” on gift tags. Source: Quotes and Notes
6. A little eco-friendly pizazz. Craft a diy pinecone ornament with found pinecones and silver paint, then tie them onto packages for a dual purpose gift. Source: Elisa McLaughlin Designs
7. Make pillow boxes from cardstock that look like they are tied closed with holly. Source: Martha Stewart
8. Splatter a mix of paint and water onto plain paper to create a unique wrapping paper then decorate with greenery cut from cardstock. Source: Lemon Jitters

For more exciting diy gift wrap ideas, visit my Pretty Packaging Board on Pinterest.

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