Valentine’s Day Sensual Massage Oil Recipe

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We’re on the final countdown to Valentine’s Day! And just in case you’re still looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas, I wanted to let you know that Mountain Rose Herbs is offering their Lover’s Essential Oil Kit at 25% off during the month of February! This kit is a collection of organic essential oils perfect for inspiring love, passion, and attraction. Use them to create an enticing massage oil for your special someone or perhaps whip up an aromatherapy blend to use in your diffuser on romantic date nights at home. The Lover’s Essential Oil Kit comes beautifully gift wrapped and contains a 1/8 ounce vial of organic Clary Sage, organic Ylang Ylang, organic Palmarosa, organic Sandalwood, organic Patchouli and a 1/24 ounce of true Rose. Simply visit Mountain Rose Herb’s Monthly Specials page to take advantage of this great offer!
To create a sensual massage oil for your Valentine, try mixing 2oz. of Sunflower Oil, 2 oz. of Rosehip Seed Oil, 2oz. of Jojoba Oil, a few drops of Vitamin E, and 10 drops each of Sandalwood, Patchouli, and Rose Essential Oils. Or, whip up some natural massage melts with your favorite combination of essential oils. (For more Valentine’s Day gift ideas, click here.)

This month Mountain Rose Herbs is also offering 20% off Organic Raw Cacao Beans. If you recall from my post in January, black tea, dark chocolate and fish can help to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. Cacao Beans are no exception! Not only do raw cacao beans which not only taste great, but is high flavonoids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Cacao also acts as a natural antidepressant in the body through natural elements that elevate the mood, help increase focus, and give feelings of attraction, pleasure, and excitement. So, what are cacao beans? Cacoa beans are basically raw chocolate and are the seeds of the fruit of the native South American cacao tree that have been dried and fully fermented. They contain no sugar and are a great source of magnesium. To consume cacao beans, you may simple eat them straight. Or you may choose to blend them into smoothies, freeze then eat cold with some raw honey, blend with maca into an herbal tea, blend with a sweetener and nuts for a natural chocolate bar, or crush and add to ice cream as a substitute for chocolate chips!
Also check out Mountain Rose Herbs this month for 20% off herbal bath salts, 20% off red algae salt, 15% off Grateful Heart tea, 15% off Kristine Brown’s Herbal Roots Calendar, 25% off their Lover’s Essential Oil Kit, 25% off Hops Flower essential oil, 20% off Hawthorn Leaf/Flower, 20% off Mugwort, and 20% off Olive Leaf.
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